Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The road lined with gifts.

Christmas is just a few days away and I wonder what everyone is thinking?  Do they have love in their hearts, are they really happy about the holiday?  I can't tell by talking or how they look.  So maybe it's not important for me to know whats in their hearts, only mine.

Christmas is by far the best holiday for fun and love, Easter is still the most important. Working in retail is hard over the Christmas season, people are often unhappy, sad, and feel rushed to make the right choices for those on there list.  Forgetting about how they affect those who serve them. 

I always hope with every Merry Christmas greeting I give, after every sale that they get a gift not worthy of any price.  I hope when they walk away from me feeling they were given the true meaning of Christmas, sincerity.  That the road to Christmas is not just the present presented on Christmas morning, but the moments they spend being polite and kind to those around them.

I will continue to be cheerful and with them a Merry Christmas. What I get in return from many is a smile and a sincere Merry Christmas to you too.

We are lucky to love and be loved. 
Just a thought.

Friday, December 16, 2011

One year ago today.

What more can I say today, a week before Christmas, Austin came to us as a unwanted, unplanned, shelter dog, and now is a important part of our family.  I knew if we would adapt a new spirit, my spirit would again be whole.  I knew that a new spirit, that needed me and loved me would eat away at my loss, Timber. 

Austin has worked very hard at being the best puppy ever. With youthful excitement, his wonder of everything new, and his love for John had made this year the best.  I thank God for all that he gave me, the world that I call my home, and his giving of his son.  Wow, I am blessed.

Merry Christmas to all.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

What a fun gift.

The other day I received a package from my old bosses, or should I say my dear friends. It was truly an appropriate gift not only for the season but for other reasons.  But I digress...The picture you see is full . of Christmas cheer. This year we added lighting to the front of each self to highlight my manger
 The most important reason for the season.  Again I digress...

The gift I am talking about is what is on the television screen.  This DVD comes with a fierce campfire, with spitting sparks and the sounds of the loon in the distance.  Why this is so great, it's because I have acquired a fierce cold.  Sniffles, head feels like a brink.  So with hot brandy in hand and a good book this fire makes all the warm feeling of my Minnesota home come to life.  Thanks to Kristi and Joe, you always know how to make my day a little better.

Jesus is the reason for the season.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Where have I been?

Working in retail. That says it all, Christmas right around the corner and everyone in a festive mood. So my hours have been long, and needless to say, I have been tired. 

I wanted to show the last work done on the pergola this fall. The weather has changed with more rain and more overcast skies.  We are proud to say that we made our goal of finishing the pergola and planting the grape vines on the two front posts.  We are ready to sit back enjoy Christmas and plan for next spring. 

God Bless you all and take care while enjoying this very important holiday.  Jesus is still the reason for the season. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Changing Seasons

Before leaving for church this morning, I watched the news coming out of Minnesota, my home town of St. Cloud had ice and a touch of snow.  I looked out the window of our South Carolina home and saw the trees finally shedding their leaves, most of the plants were settling in for the winter and dying back, then I noticed the strawberry plants.  This was the first year for them, did they not know what other plants knew, to sleep.  Or were they just that much hardier? The interesting thing is we picked a handful of strawberries. Silly plants, I don't think they know it's over yet. 
Picture taken 11/17/11

What I do know is that they too will turn down their leaves and sleep, waiting for the sun to warm and another season to produce. Isn't God great that he would give us this thing called change of seasons. 

God bless all who read my little blog

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I was thinking.

Sometimes that can lead to trouble. But it has been a while since I looked deep into my heart and yes, my soul.  I share these thoughts not to enlighten you or drive you to do the same; it just feels right to say things out loud.  Or should I say publish it. 

I feel so privileged to have been born, and feel it important to become a better person, to love deeper, to appreciate more and to forgive.

Let's start with better person.  I decided a few years ago to draw a five feet parameter around me.  This was my circle in which I worked my daily deeds.  Within that circle I would focus on anyone that was inside of it. This meant I had to take the time and try to meet them with a smile or greeting. This is much harder than I ever imagined.  On good days it's a breeze, but on the days when I'm tired or sad, it takes everything to do it.  I still consider it the best thing I have ever implemented into my life.  At night when I pray before bedtime, I think over the day, and commit to a better day tomorrow.

To love deeper. Love is a word used too lightly. I don't like to say it unless I mean it. I have friends that I truly love, why, because they except me for me.  I want to make sure that I am worthy of their love, do I listen, do I care? 

This also goes for my family. I love them so much, coming from a large family and in laws, we run the gamete when it comes to personalities. But what is it worth to focus on the differences and not on what we have in common?

Appreciated more, I find that the world around me tells me that I need more of this and that.  Go out and buy more, be young, be skinny and just have more.  I am so over that. I decided to thank God every morning for what was important to me. I thank him for my husband, my family, my puppy Austin, and my talent.  There is a difference between need and want. I try to think of it that way, do I need or do I just want?  Remember want is not a need.

Forgive, this one is my most troubling commitment.  People hurt and don't think, they stomp on your feeling and walk away.  If you have been following me for awhile I talked about the home association meeting where the group of six families set out to hurt, and did well. I don't hold a grudge against them but I don't want to know them and don't want them in my life.  Is that really forgiveness.  I probably have a little growing to do in this area. Something for tomorrow I guess.

God Bless those who follow my little blog.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cute idea, I wish it was mine.

Do you ever see an idea in a magazine and years later do it. This is one of those times.  I saw that someone, somewhere used pumpkins and gourds as pots.  They decorated their table with leaves and pumpkins with real plants. 

The other day I went pumpkin hunting. The problem was that I needed a really tall thin one to go with my perfect pumpkins I had already bought.  After having no luck this idea popped into my head.  More could be added but for a plant sitting outside with other pumpkins it looks great.

Easy to do and wonderful to the eye whether it's outside or on your Thanksgiving table.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let the sun shine in.

The sun adds so much and makes a useless area and
makes it a frame for a great piece of metal work.
I thought a update on the back of the house was necessary.  John and I have been working like crazy to get the pergola done.  With the planting of the two grape vines and the Carolina Jasmine on the trellis it was time to place the top boards.

 I have always thought the back of the house was designed wrong. Mostly that fireplace roof line. That little peek was driving me crazy. I felt the addition of the pergola was correcting the problem and as the vines climb over the pergola the connection would be complete.  In the last picture I still noticed the fireplace peek and realized it needed something. 

The white area is the trellis and that's were the Carolina Jasmine
 is growing.
So I went out in search for something with color and size.  The sun brings it to life and gives that space meaning. I hope you like it.  One more layer of wood to go on top in the opposite direction will finish the pergola and we are done and waiting for nature to complete the project. We still have the floor of the deck to finish. Due to the red soil and the Austin the dog, we are going to rebuild the deck and stain it dark green, Johns suggestion. John is very creative and always make our little home a vacation spot.  A place for peace of mind and heart.

God Bless all that come through my little blog and rest a while.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The work begins again.

The summer was hot and long, so as you know we stop the projects and enjoy the heat.  Lots of frozen drinks made their way to our deck.  But this may look like a mess but it spells out progress. Every time I see a ladder I know it's time to get out the work gloves and the stain.  More pictures to come. 

God bless all who visit my little blog. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I can hardly wait.

I know it's last years but it was soo cute.
I don't do much in the way of halloween. But I love the colors the kids and just the fun of it all.

Looking forward to carving this years.  Maybe a witch.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Austin Turns One

On October 1st. Austin turned one.  The morning started out the same. Hugs, loves and breakfast. But soon his life would change. He would get the biggest bone ever, ham.  I know what you're thinking but I can tell you he didn't care.  He has been taught to go outside with every bone he gets. He gets the bone at the Frigidaire and travels through the house to the back door. But this time the trip was a little difficult, the bone was as big as him.  But determined to eat it he made it with John holding his door open.  He was not to be bothered, he had a great day.

But he deserves it, he has learned well, did his human well, and has put up with my hugs.  That alone makes him the best birthday boy of the day.


Friday, October 7, 2011

When the Chi Tea is gone, the pouting starts.

See this Marv
A couple of years ago, my brother left a can of chi tea at my house over a family filled weekend.  When I found it I felt bad that Marv had forgotten it. When I called him, he said, I left it on purpose because I didn't like it.  Well then, I had to check it out. 

And now after about two years I am at the end of the can.  I am screaming for more. Mostly because I got addicted to it.

The moral of the story is, never give anything your sister you can replenish over time. 

Sadness, pouting, begging.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Austin's travel tips.

Really run they till they fall over.
I know it's been a long time since I wrote, however, my human has hogged the blog. I decided the best thing I could do for all new travelers like I once was, is to put out a few tips.  My travels this summer made the dog I am today, confident, traveled, and yes loved by so many. 

1) Make sure you have your own bed, I don't see how humans can stand sleeping in someone else's bed.
2) Bring your own toys, just in case you need a little stress relief, you can chew and they don't care.
3) Choose your own suitcase. This way you can get all your treasures together when on the move.
4) Always keep an eye on your humans, if you haven't planted a chip in them, and you loose them, you will probably be very sad.
5) Be on your best behavior, act like you know what your human is saying. This gets them every time.
Last but by no means lacking in importance, play with your humans. One toy should be a ball. Tired is the answer to a great nap, always retrieve the ball till they are ready to quit.

I hope this helps all traveling dogs. Because of these tips, I am now the proud owner of two great humans. And the families we spent time with, think they are great trainers.  If only they knew.

Wag to you all.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Harvest

Drool all you Northerners.
If you saw my pictures of my sisters tomatoes and mine, you realized how too much heat can ruin a great crop.  Well here's to my Minnesota family.  I just picked these yesterday and still have blossoms on the green beans.  I rule now.  John and I have learned a lot this summer on how heat can hinder growth as well as the short season in Minnesota.  Next year we will blow my sisters tomatoes away. Well easy to say because by next year my treat will be forgotten.

Moral of this story, gloat when you can.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Banana Surprise

A while back a friend gave me a jar of, get this, Banana Jam.  However this is a little cherry added for color. Being the big jam eater that I am I figured I had tasted it all. To say the least, it only took a minute to open it up and smother a piece of bread with it, but I digress.

I think my love for jam, jelly, or any thing sweet you can spread on bread started growing up where three things were always on the table at every meal.  These three things were bread, butter and jam.  I think it's from my German heritage.  But who really cares, a little sweet at every meal.  I think it made me sweeter. 

Jam is not only my favorite on toast every morning, but throughout the day.  I guess my favorite is bread, butter to seal the bread, jelly, lots of jelly, and a dill pickle thinly sliced the long way.  Be still my heart.  But there are other favorites that will probably chill you to the bone. But because this is my little slice of heaven I will tell list more.

Same two always, bread with butter to seal, and followed by some form of meat, yes I eat meat. Get over it. I love Salami, Balonia, and Braunschweiger. Yiks, I think I could come up with more, but I am watching what I eat.

But back to the Banana Jam. If you get a change and love jam, try it.  It's great.
Moral of this story is, when you think you tasted it all, there is something to look forward to.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saying Goodbye

I could see this angel waiting for Charles.
Over the last few weeks, I observed my friend, Helen, and her family saying goodbye to their dad.  I was surprised how his last journey was so much like my mom's.  I saw how the family drew together to make him feel loved and safe, only looking for the better of his remaining days on earth. 

For them the nights and days of vigilance lasted longer than the time with my mom.  But the time is not as important as the love shown through the journey.  I felt as though her journey was connected to my journey, growing in God and love. 

My mom ask my sister-in-law Dar, "what should I say to Jesus when I see him". Dar drew deep in her soul and said "tell him you love him".  How simple this love, yet how hard it is for some to understand.

I write this for two reason, it brought back memories of my mom's last journey and how blessed I was to travel part way with her, and to highlight Helen and her family for making me know that there are other families so loving and compassionate. They are blessed to have each other.

Great peace came to Charles on Friday, he is well and happy, young and again with his wife. Don't you just love a great ending.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A tomato is not just a tomato.

John immediately noticed the tomato plant on my sisters deck. It was a potted tomato and had hundreds of tomatoes on it.  When ask how she was doing it, my sister said, lots of water. Let me tell you she must have been sweet talking to it. Water alone doesn't do it. 

We were sent home with about 15 tomatoes to eat.  Well let me tell you, after you see the pictures you will see the difference between mine, that were in the ground and hers, in the pot. 

My tomatoes
My sisters tomatoes
Her five foot plant. 
Embarrassing to say the least. I'm not going to talk about it anymore.  Wait till next year.

Love you sis

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My heart is so sad.

My heart seem heavy tonight, tomorrow is 9/11 and I remember that day.  I pray for the families of those lost, those who did no wrong, they went to work. The firefighters, clergy, and police that didn't blink an eye and went in to save. 

Thank God for giving us the memory to never forget, to stand up and thank our military for their strength and service. And to thank God for our America. I will pray like never before. My heart hurts and my tears will fall, but I remain strong.

My thoughts on 9/10

Thursday, September 8, 2011

No words, just an ah.

Stepping into the garden brings immediate peace.
This is the view from the back of the house.
Gazing ball only highlights the beauty of the flowers.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where the heart is.

As we drove into my sisters driveway, I felt at peace with the end of our vacation.  The house was so welcoming, but for the people who lived in this house, they were even more welcoming.  My sister is the yard person.  My brother-in-law is truly a motor head, so each have their hobbies. 
For my sister, each step in the process of making their home beautiful, is thrilling and labor intensive.  But she seems to enjoy it.  We have more in common as we get older. Flowers, and greeting cards are the top two.  But as I said before, age seems less important as we grow older.  We are no longer big sister and baby sister, we are friends. 

We have always been miles apart, but our hearts have stayed close.  More pictures to come. This one picture doesn't show the beauty of her deck and garden.  Vacation soon to end, but for now, I will be with my sister, that little time will be well used. 

God Bless those who travel through my little world.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Go South Vacationers.

We had to leave the Brainerd Lakes Area and go south.  Six hours of farming land is something the eye never tires of. The small towns that dot the highway, bring you back to another time, maybe a slower time. However, the small towns buzz with activity.

One thing that takes my breath away are the wind power windmills.  They are hug and graceful.  Southern Minnesota has so many of these and every time we travel through there are more.  Cows graze under the calming woosh of the blades going around.  I always make my husband stop so I can take in the grace and soothing sound. 

We are on our way to my sisters, we will be welcome with a hug from her and my brother in law.  We will again eat and laugh.  Oh yes, also drink some too. But for now I want you to enjoy the picture of the windmills.

God Bless you all

Saturday, September 3, 2011

This is for my brother.

Kristi wrote me and ask about the picture of us toasting to the wine maker, my brother Vern.  Well, the truth is that it's a little blurry. Hum, it might be because of the wine I had enjoyed through the night that made my hand shakier or maybe its just me. 

The group decided to toast my brother for the great wine he made and we shared with them.  To you brother. I love you.

Your little sister

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fish, no Walleye.

Walleye is the king of fish in Minnesota. And the best way to serve it, for us Minnesotans is fried. Yummy. Our last night at their house, after the great walk, was a dinner with ex co-workers and friends. I couldn't believe they came and shared a meal. A meal we all got to take part in, the guys grilled, the gals worked at the salads, and Kristie fried walleye. Oh my gosh.
The meal was not just the food, but the friendship we had that night. The laughs the food and the dessert, no pictures of that, private joke. We even shared a bottle of wine my brother bottles.
We were on the last days of our vacation, and yet we were once again enjoying, laughing, and eating way too much. Lots to remember from the area we called home for over 20 years.

Monday, August 29, 2011

What, exercise?

Kristie and Joe treated us as tourists. But maybe they knew by this time in our vacation we need to get off our back sides and walk. These mines in Crosby have lots of trails, this is just one of the many. I have to say, that all the years we lived there, this is another thing we had never done. Thanks guys for MAKING us go. Not really, we were willing.
That evening we knew of the benefits to the walking that afternoon. I will write more about this in my next post. I have to say, it warmed my heart and brought so many laughs and memories to an already great vacation.
God Bless everyone.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

How did we miss this?

This massive group of water are formed from mines in Crosby, Minnesota. John and I had never been here. Can you imagine, living near here for 20 years and not seeing this. Shame on us. Sometimes being close to beauty and too busy to enjoy it, is a sin.

God Bless everyone on this beautiful Sunday. Prayers for those in the path of Irene.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

We make ourselves at home

One thing about having us for guests is that we know how to relax. Our next stop was Joe and Kristi's, they started out my bosses and turned into our friends. What an unexpected blessing.
The story goes, ours that is, that we arrived before they came home from work. So, John and I decided to enjoy their deck, we always carry wine, two crystal glasses and fine hors d' oeuvres. I bet you didn't know these were hors d' oeuvres? John and I pride ourselves in good wine and finger food when traveling. Not to say the napkins, yes fabric. Oh my.
Just because they weren't home doesn't mean we had to wait to start the party. When they did arrive we welcomed them as if they were the company. Lots of laughs and memories made.
This was just the start to a fine visit. What great friends we have.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Garden of peace and love.

I have to say that my family knows gardening, planting and harvesting. Maybe it's because we started out as a farming family. I don't know if green thumbs are inherited or just developed, but the gardens my brothers and sister has, would make my dad proud.
I wish I could take pictures of how beautiful Vern and Dorothy's property looks. It's spectacular and this one picture only shows a small part of their creation. One thing I know is that they work hard at making every inch beautiful. As Vern digs up plants, splits them and finds a new place for the new plant, Dorothy does the weeding. Dorothy pulls each weed with loving care from the garden, to help the beautiful plants grow and bloom. Their ability to grow a beautiful garden is a reflection of their marriage.
I often sit with them and realize the love they have for each other. It's as beautiful as their gardens.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No tears over spilt wine.

Why you ask? I think five minute rule works for wine also. While setting up for the picture, someone, who knows for sure, spilt some wine. As we sat and laughed about it, we realized if I took a picture fast, we could, and would reclaim the wine. Great to the last drop.
As I always say, anything can happen at our next stop. Vern and Dorothy's more to come. Kevin check out what made it to Minnesota. Sweet, right?
God Bless my family who are also my friends.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Breakfast with B&J.

No that doesn't mean breakfast with butter and jam. It's Bob & Joni. No matter our differences one thing remains, our love for family and that makes us love one another. Bob and Joni have gone through their lives with many ups and downs, none of them breaking their bond. They celebrated their 50th anniversary this summer. Their love for each other is overshadowed by their love for the family.
In all families there are members that are not best of friends, what ever the reason, it matters even less as years go buy. I know in my case that I can be a pest, talkative, and probably annoying. And yet my family still loves me for me. They look beyond the face value and find the positive. I told a family member once. If not for being together as family, you would probably not like me. Because of what I believe it makes us complete opposites. But that's what family does. Breaks the walls of indifference. Isn't that great?
Bob is my brother, but after all these 50 years and some, Joni is now my sister, not sister in law. How can someone remain with the title of sister in law after all these years. I like calling her sister, it feels good.
I wrote a post about mom making a quilt. It was May 8, 2009, the title was Pieces of fabric sewn into love. Just look under 2009 and find it there.
I love my family and this breakfast was the best. We also celebrated Dar's 39th... birthday again. By the way she didn't share the cupcake. Naughty girl.
Love you all

Friday, August 19, 2011

Para what?

One thing my brother is, is resourceful. As we pondered over the problems of the world, not, he brought this thing out. It's a parachute. A guy was really cleaver and re marketed these for covering a porch or where ever you would like more shade.
These parachutes didn't make the cut when inspected. When he put it up, I had to giggle, than was surprised at it's beauty and function. Wow, what next, I just looked at Gene and said...I am impressed.
So I leave you with this. He, my brother, not only can grill but can find something this clever. When you sat under it, it felt so graceful. The wind gave you a feeling of what it would feel like if you jumped from a plane. Without the fear of God striking you.
This was a great day.
God Bless those who visit my little blog.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Steak fry and laughs.

Gene is known for his steak fries. Every year, Dar and Gene host a steak fry for the family. It has become an event worth waiting for. Because we weren't going to make it this year, they decided they could make a personal steak fry available to us, only us, so we wouldn't feel left out.
As I took a picture of my husband frying mushrooms and onions, it was brought to my attention, by my brother, that he has been left out of my blogs regarding him being the chef and maybe I should think that over. So here it my little effort to make it up to my dear brother.
Gene you may have been left out, but you are truly the king of the grill.
Love you

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Marv & Diane's little slice of heaven.

I won't have to say a lot about this home, it's warm and inviting. The home is surrounded by beauty, from it's flowers to the pond that many creatures call home. One thing about staying there is you have many hours of looking at the pond from the upper deck. It is their favorite place to be. And as always, the topics are fun and the birds flutter in and out as we drink our coffee and laugh.
It's hard to show how wonderful it is with pictures mostly because a camera never does it's job. But sit back and enjoy. Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for the opportunity to relax. I'm hoping they did.
God Bless those who travel through my little blog.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Always room for more family.

I wanted to post this picture because I believe this is an important part of the first visit. This is the better half of Kass, and we took a great picture. Even Austin is in a photo mood.

By the way, don't we look good? It's always about me.


With arms open.

We are always blessed to be loved by family and friends. Our first stop was at my husbands daughter. We found a quiet bedroom awaiting us. And a dinner to die for being grilled. Settling is was easy, if nothing else, due to a glass of wine.
Kass and family have a great patio, and that's where we spent many hours enjoying each other. Laughter abound and the welcome mat was surely out. This was a wonderful time. How can one say thanks.
This fun photo is John, his niece and daughter. Oh yes Austin. Not sure why he has to go through this.
God Bless those who travel though my little blog.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Isn't our country beautiful?

I have to say yes..however, I know other places are beautiful also. But I truly believe in our moments and sharing them. I am very blessed to have these moment and to recognize them for what they are. Beautiful. I also find that I am always learning.
The biggest lesson this vacation was, that not everyone has wi-fi. Oh my gosh. I am usually the last one to get anything technical. I left home with a new laptop, believing everyone was much farther ahead of me. Well as I found out my family isn't there yet. So, my wish for blogging as our vacation took place didn't happen. I know that I could have ventured out and found some. But I was on vacation to hug, talk and listen to my love ones. So no venturing out. But here I am with photos and stories. To make you smile. I hope you enjoy the trip. The first photo is from the Tennessee rest stop coming out of South Carolina.
I could swear this was a real cabin. I wanted to sit and enjoy the rockers. But that was just for looks. But oh how wonderful.
God Bless those who travel through my little blog. Welcome to my little world.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

What a great country.

Our travel through the states has been beautiful the mountains in North Carolina and the rest stop in Tennessee, it's breathtaking. When you go through the mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee you find out how small you are. I truly feel free there. I'm like a child that is hiding under the covers in bed. Safe and comforted. Than when you enter Tennessee this is the rest area you see. It makes a true statement of being in the mountains.
See you soon.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

On our way.

Away we go, oh my gosh, it's 5:00 am and we are backing out of the driveway. Austin was ready to go and so are we. I'm never on vacation until we leave home. Now I am on vacation. We have 12 hours to go and the weather is wonderful. Both John and I love early morning driving. I was blessed to marry someone with so much in common. Through North Carolina, Tennessee, and Indiana. Our stop will be in Illinois. See ya later.
Pray for our safe travel.

Monday, July 25, 2011

What the heck is this?

Austin as worldly as he is, is about to experience something Today when I brought the suit cases down, he ventured over to see what they were. It must be as important to put your head in the suit case as to just sniff the outsides. He is now ten months old and will experience the biggest challenge ever. Seventeen days on the road. He has been welcomed by friends and family to sleep in their homes. He has learned to sleep in his kennel when we are gone, giving us peace of mind and also our hosts. He will carry his bed with him, so he can rest his head comfortably at night and feel he is safe. He is ready...but are we?
This will be an experience for us too. To protect him along the way, to make sure he is safe from heat and all that the world has to harm him. This will prove to us wether all we have trained him to do and not to do will make him a welcomed guest.
He probably will post in the blog along our way. Pray for our safe travel. We will be leaving home with all security in place and excitement in check.
God bless all of you for your visiting my little blog.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Be still my heart.

This picture was in a Minnesota newspaper. Photographer unknown to me. But I think he or she is blessed to have gotten the shot. I hope you like it and tears come to your eyes as they do mine. Thanks to all that serve, to protect our freedom.