Saturday, August 20, 2011

Breakfast with B&J.

No that doesn't mean breakfast with butter and jam. It's Bob & Joni. No matter our differences one thing remains, our love for family and that makes us love one another. Bob and Joni have gone through their lives with many ups and downs, none of them breaking their bond. They celebrated their 50th anniversary this summer. Their love for each other is overshadowed by their love for the family.
In all families there are members that are not best of friends, what ever the reason, it matters even less as years go buy. I know in my case that I can be a pest, talkative, and probably annoying. And yet my family still loves me for me. They look beyond the face value and find the positive. I told a family member once. If not for being together as family, you would probably not like me. Because of what I believe it makes us complete opposites. But that's what family does. Breaks the walls of indifference. Isn't that great?
Bob is my brother, but after all these 50 years and some, Joni is now my sister, not sister in law. How can someone remain with the title of sister in law after all these years. I like calling her sister, it feels good.
I wrote a post about mom making a quilt. It was May 8, 2009, the title was Pieces of fabric sewn into love. Just look under 2009 and find it there.
I love my family and this breakfast was the best. We also celebrated Dar's 39th... birthday again. By the way she didn't share the cupcake. Naughty girl.
Love you all

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