Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Time to Let Go.

Thursday we took both vehicles into the Houston Ford to see what our trade in value of both would be for a 2010 Ford Taurus. As we waited, I watched one of the guys driving my Crown Vic out of the parking lot I felt a lump in my throat. What was this, I never saw myself as a person who was in love with the ride. A car was to get me to one place and back.

When John gave me this car I couldn't believe it, me getting this black beauty, me once the owner of a Ranger pickup now an owner of a Crown Vic. What was he thinking? Then I slid into the seat, I could live with this. Fit like a glove. But did I like it too much, what was this lump in my throat for?

I've had time to think it over it's not what the car means to me it is what it did for me. About a year later my mother took her final journey, one she feared the most, going to a nursing home. I made a commitment to go once a week and spend time with here.

She was two and a half hours away and so I would leave early in the morning, the process was the same, my trip started with Big and Rich, a funky country group that I always tried to sing along with. Followed by a soother CD that would take me into the nursing home.

The visit would be anywhere from a hour to four, you never knew because of the sadness she was experiencing, or how she felt. But the trip home was different. As I slipped into the seat and clipped the seat belt into place the first tear would start. Rolling down my cheek and resting on my chin. As I left town I was free to cry. Safe in my car, Cruise control set, radio off and left with only my thoughts from my visit, I cried till I couldn't cry anymore.

That's what it is, I have a bond with the car, it protected me at my saddest time. It comforted me with it's smooth ride, it comforting interior but mostly with the privacy I needed. Thursday when I slipped into the seat of the Taurus I prayed it would not have to comfort me but get me from one place and back. Just that and no more.

I feel good about letting go, it's time.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And the process begins...

Wow, after five years you tend to forget what it takes to move. It has been a week and a half since we found out we're moving. In that time we have called everyone from the dentist, vet, to the post office. The list of details is endless. I once wrote about what my mom used to say when I began to feel overwhelmed. Here it is again to share with my friends. She would say, "How do you eat an elephant?" with a smile on her face that melted my heart, she would finish with"one bite at a time".

I have lived by that phrase most of my life. I would repeat it to myself and than I would just start, after a while I would be done with the project and feel so accomplished. Of course this project of moving is a taed bigger. But it works even if you don't finish in one day. Every box feels that much closer to the end. I pack up as much in one box and move it to the garage. Waiting patiently for October and its date to move arrives.

Moving and grooving

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A New Chapter to be Written

To most of my friends and relatives our moving never surprises them. But for you, my virtual friends that is probably a shock.

When I started this Balsam Ponds by Design blog it was to introduce you to my greeting card business and yet I achieved something quite different. I introduced you to my life and the two souls who occupy it.

We are not travelers, we are creators. We love to make something beautiful, really striking. Sometimes by painting, planting or adding those small touches that will make it a home. Worthy of God's blessing. Balsam Ponds is not just a place it's us. It's the love we put into it. But it is now time to move on.

Both of us are excited for the buyers, they are truly in love with Balsam Ponds, and we are looking forward to adding more beauty to where ever we go. I hope you follow the events that will get us to our new house, which we will make home.

God Bless those who travel in and out of our lives.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Humans Really Rock

This weekend started out as they usually do, but then it happened. The suitcase, the activity but mostly my bed. Carol acted as if nothing was happening. But when I saw my bed I knew my heart would control my body. My tail started to wag and Carol knew she was busted.

What were we doing, where were we going, could it be one of the three yards I have fallen in love over the years. These humans that own the yards are really special. They are related. More trips more fun. But first, which one are we going to visit. Of course, it really didn't matter.

As always, I drink lots of water, we always stop and I get to run. Than as usual I get a treat. John usually figures out what I am doing and stops the process by saying. Puppy what are you doing? I love when he calls me puppy.

As the trip went on, I started to smell it in the air, we were definitely heading for one of the scent filled large yards. I have to keep an eye on my humans. I hate when I loose them. They are after all, only human.

John drove into Marv and Diane's yard. Oh my, I could hardly stand it. I was going to die if they didn't park my truck. And off I went, sniffing, investigating and checking in. This is the yard I was given to enjoy. Carol tried to stop me from getting too tired. I would have none of that. She loves me and so I understand. But a dog has to do what a dog has to do.
We left on Sunday morning and headed for home. What a trip, what a family. They surely rock. Carol and John talked of their own fun time with them but no one, but no one, had more fun then me.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Maybe it's bigger than the Jeep

If you read the last post you know why I am confused, why not sell it if you don't drive it? But maybe it bigger than just a jeep. See John, you know the great guy I am married to, is human as all of us. Mistakes, disappointments and just being tired of the hard work that goes with life. This story should brighten your heart. This story is the best part of life.

The jeep was delivered to may fix it up shops for welding, new seat covers, welding on the floor boards, mostly because you could see through the floor. And yet when he brought it home I just couldn't see it. From the depths of my heart I would say, looking better. Ya, right.

One thing that was not being fixed was an engine problem. After many a good mechanics looked at it, the problem was not clear. Then my nephew, Paul said he could figure it out if we weren't in a hurry. As we left it in his yard we drove off and over our shoulder waved goodbye. I new it was not going to look different but John would be happy.

Weeks later, my brother Marv called, and with a whisper said, "Don't say anything if John is there but does he want the jeep to be restored to an original look." With true trust I said nope, and the call was over.

Months later, my nephew called and announced the jeep was fixed and it sounded great, I shook my head and raised my eyes and said, sounds good but that won't help the bucket of junk called the jeep.

John was so excited for an French Indian hardly breathing man, but I could tell. Driving into Paul's driveway, John noticed the jeep was not in the yard. He wondered why, I said silly boy would you leave that piece of junk in the open. He smiled and said maybe not.

Funny thing is Marv, Paul and two other nephews, John and Leo were also there. When we came to the door of the garage, Marv and the boys lead John in. John just stood there, and then with a higher voice said, "those are my wheels. No one laughed, but Paul said that's your jeep.

John at that moment realized he was looking at a gift way beyond his dreams. They did this because, just because. It was a gift from the heart. At that moment in time he realized what family is, something special. The trip home was without words. He looked into the mirror and was in ah. And that my dear friends is maybe why the jeep cannot be sold.
I wish he would tuck me in like he does the jeep. Although I would have to sleep in the garage.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

To Jeep or not to Jeep

I have a story for you, I told you how wonderful my husband is and this is about his jeep. Now this jeep came to us, as I called it a piece of junk, more rust than most cars in a junk yard. But for some reason John truly saw something in it that I would never. So home it came. This was over eight years ago.

Now I won't tell you all the details now but will be building on this story for a while. This year John started to talk about selling it. Yes, for you guys this is really a Willy's Jeep. For the rest of you it's just a jeep. We have collector plates on it due to the age, 1948 I think. Now what makes this jeep special is that he never really drives it. It hits the street two times a year. When coming out of storage in the spring and back to storage for the winter. Oh I forgot, when he had the oil changed. That's when this picture was taken. I ask him if he never drives it why change the oil? He looked at me with the sheepish smile and said, what if it gets water in it? Hummmm

So, this is my short story on a jeep with a questionable existence. More info to come about how it come to look this good.

God Bless those who travel in and out of my world.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Moment's Serenity On Tuesday.

I took this picture on Monday when I notices the light bouncing of the waterfalls. I stood there for a moment and realized how beautiful nature is. I hope you enjoy it also. I realize a photo is never as good as reality but still beautiful.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Raise a Glass of Wine

Or whatever you like to drink. Here is my story. Five years ago when we built I decided I could do all the staining the shakes and painting the trim. I know what you are thinking, what was I thinking? I tell my friends and family that I surely was suffering from PMS. Otherwise common sense would have told me that the size of the house and each shake being it own little piece of the whole picture was hard work.
I told John, you know that cute guy that married me. I can do it. So here I am after five years done. Now don't get me wrong I am not wining, just sitting back and laughing at myself.

I actually had 99% of it done at the beginning of last year, however the window that was still not done needed an extension ladder, we made a promise to each other never to climb without one of us being present. That was the problem, we are never together on good days.

Yesterday was a big day and I decided to take of picture for you. Funny thing is you can hardly see the house but that's what summer's like here on Balsam Ponds.

Have a great Monday and be safe out there.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Am I dreaming?

How would you like to win a $250 shopping spree at the Scrapping Cottage? That's right - the winner will get to choose $250 worth of products at The Scrapping Cottage! It is simple just go here and follow their requests.

I really want to win. Smile.

A New Lakehome Wish.

Some time ago I presented you with a new card line. The first in three was the home in the woods. I decided to share the second in line, a new lake home. This was created for Realtors that sell these wonderful homes and usually give them a gift. But with the advent of fewer sales the cards have become more personal and let the buyer know they are appreciated. I hope you enjoy.
Have a great day and be safe.