Monday, February 22, 2010

A Timber Update

I know that many of you know how much Timber means to me and the ordeal she has gone through. Not to speak of the tears I shed thinking I was loosing her. But today she is fully recovered. Mostly to the thanks of her medication and the Vet who reassured me that it would most likely never happen again. I love this picture because at 13 she often is seen curled up and loving her environment.

The process only took a week and as I said the medication and the love brought her through. Oh ya, St. Francis also took a part in her recovery. I knew I had to do the best thing for her. And that the best thing for her maybe bad for me.

Thanks for all the virtual hugs and prayers you gave for me. You as friends make me strong.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lent Event

Last year I wrote about this and again this year I ponder the event. I think it's important to give something up for 40 days. It all started with Jesus being in the desert for forty days temped by the devil. I couldn't imagine my sacrifice ever measuring up. But that's not the point. To be aware of your every thought and be temped by something so simple as food or action is worth it all.

Over the years, it seems easy to give up things like, pop, candy, junk food, or complaining. When I was little I would try to give up homework, taking out the garbage or helping in the kitchen. As you can imagine, that was for me not Jesus. And Mom said NO. Giggle.

This year I heard a Priest say that maybe when you don't take that extra bite, or eat the candy bar that you bought without thinking you can offer it up to someone who is having a hard time or just sad. Wow, that's way too cool. A full circle to the event.

Well, here I am rambling on. So for you Catholics who are enjoying lent, go for it. Otherwise God Bless those who are just good people without the event.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

The world according to Timber

Timber seems to see life so much simpler than us humans. She enjoys a good road trip with the anticipation of putting her nose on the window and sniffing and wagging. With a treat to follow when she believes she had done well at riding. Usually she gets a treat when she has done her duty at the Timber stops along the road. But she is always looking for that just riding treat.

This week has been a little depressing for her. A trip to the vet after her ODS attach. But once again we were blessed to have a diagnoses that was treatable. Today, which is Friday, she is back on her feet and eating. Eating was something she was not doing. Scrambled eggs, peanut butter on bread, dog treats were the list of things she would consider. If your dog has the look of a stroke, please call the Vet, it maybe ODS, and it's treatable. If you want to look it up, Goggle Old Dog Syndrome. It will tell you what to look for. I know now that I will keep my eyes open and not jump to such conclusions as stroke.

With a wag of the tail, Timber says hi and looking forward to more blog posts. Because she knows she rules.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When your heart hurts.

Over the last few days, I thought I was loosing my Timber, she is 13 years old and I know the time will come when she will no longer be with us. However, even knowing this is not making it easy. Every moment I get with her is truly a blessing.
If you are not a dog lover, you can't imagine, as I can't with not having children. But believe me, when I say, loosing anyone or anything that you have taken care of is never easy.

We thought she had a stroke and her second one came this weekend. My heart sat in my throat, would I have to say good bye. Going to the Vet was so hard, would I leave with or without her. Would I come home to a dog dish that would not be eaten out of, or a bed not needed that sits in the corner of our bedroom. This was going to be hard. See I thought I knew the answer.

After the Vet took a few tests he told us that she didn't suffer from a stroke but from Old Dog Syndrome. It's like having vertigo and has lots of side effects, however, it was treatable and with time she would come out of it. It can be found by typing in Old Dog Syndrome in Google. I tell you this because when a dogs age hits 11 through 16 years, this is common. And I wish I had known about this, because I may have had it treated earlier.

Today Timber is still unsteady, a little nauseous, and her senses are really off, but I know that this too will pass. I prayed to St. Frances to watch over her, that I do the right thing for her. It looks as though we have still more time. Thank God.

God bless those who travel through my little world.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chimney Creek Walk

The other morning we decided to tour the Lake Lure area in North Carolina. It was eye candy to me. Being creative I love finding areas that feels like a scene out of a very creative movie. I watch a movie called Popeye with Robin Williams playing the lead role. The sea side town in the movie is something to view over and over.

I do want to state that the town of Chimney Rock is not like the movie in quality of construction but the beautiful visual town that was built by the very fast running river. We will visit often with family and friends. We love the state park the stores and just the beauty of the area.

Sometimes you find the most beautiful places by accident. This was one of them.
The upper left photo is the, river walk that runs behind the shops. The picture to the left is, a veiw of the main street where we found a beautiful shop named Willow Creek. I hope to have my greeting cards there in the future.
As always God bless all those who travel through my little blog.