Monday, July 12, 2010

Car Goodies.

Today while packing and of course our time spent on the porch, wondering if we remembered everything, a car turned around in our driveway, or at least that's what we thought. Until our friend stepped out of the car with a big purple gift bag. She said it was just a little something to get us going. Humm. I said or bribing us to leave. Well it turned out she wants us back.

Good thing she made that clear because she sent enough food to keep us busy eating and driving possible to Minnesota and back. There were two items that almost made me cry. A little looking glass and a journal. Why cry you say, think about it....looking at ones self and writing. Oh boy again, what is she thinking. But as I read the note I realized she is right. Even though I write most things on my blog there are times I don't publish thoughts. So, dear friend, I will write and read in the future.

I am so blessed

What more can be said.

Today while packing up the car for our cross country trip to Minnesota, I realized how blessed we are to be able to take a vacation, with clean rest stops,good roads, being able to pay for gas, and family willing to house us. Which explains this picture.

We just bought this licence plate because we only need one state plate on the car. When I saw this one on the Internet, I could hardly wait to order and have it on our car. Well I have to say, it was more awesome than I expected. It makes me realize during the busy process of life that I am loved by my husband, my family and protected by God. And I know God loves me also. What a great way to start Vacation.

Well as usual my plan to write everyday was well say we say, derailed. My sister-in-law and my brother have dial up and guess what. I ran out of patients. So here I am after a week on the road finally logging in.

Our trip was so very pleasant. Of course with my husband driving it was great. We listened to talk radio all the way, there went my reading. But as I said it was great.

I will write again soon. But for now, God Bless those who said a pray for us.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

July's Supper Club

Once again the supper club assembled to laugh, eat and of course have a drink or two. Dinner was so very good we actually ate with quiet determination. Did I tell you the guys are the cooks? I hate to call them that because they are better than that. I know I don't give my guy enough credit for his creativity in the kitchen. But this post is for the guys always make marriage special. Thanks for everything guys.

Having new friends that will laugh and smile at the littlest things are in my eyes, God's blessings.

Have a great day everyone.

John's idea of a blueprint.

John is one of the most creative people I have ever met. However, I have to say that he is truly unconventional when it comes to laying thing out. John has often used rope, sticks and now grass killer to show what the plan is. I wanted to share his presentation with you.

As I have said before, we are heading for Minnesota to visit family and friends. I hope to add pictures and stories of our visit. But you know how families are. Way to much laughter and less typing. But I promise to try.

Please say a prayer for us for a safe trip.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So much fun....

I was so privileged to create wedding money cards for Brittney of PA. She ordered seven cards to give to the service people helping her make her day perfect. I can't tell you how wonderful that felt to be a special contributor to her wedding. I thought you might enjoy what it looked like after done. By the way...don't laugh at the one dollar bill, it's all I had to show the card off.

I know Brittney will give a better gift to her vendors.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Thanks to those who serve.

All my life I liked a guy in uniform, it always brought tears from my eyes and pride to my heart. This all started with my brothers enlisting in the service and coming home in uniform. Later I realized it was not the uniform but the job they might have to do. I can never find the words to that expressed my appreciation for what they did for all of us.

Maybe thanking them in my heart and on paper will give them a glimps of my feelings. To my brothers who served and became better husbands and fathers, this is for you. For me you have been friends and supporters in my life, with valued advice and hugs when needed.