Sunday, June 27, 2010

Who's idea was Boiled Peanuts?

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. They are wet. They are hot. And they are kinda ugly. Coming home from our day trip I talked John into stopping at a produce stand that claimed they sold boiled peanuts. It was to much for me to pass up, we stopped. What surprised me was that the gal was cooking them as we stood sweating from the heat.

Where they crazy or what? These boiled peanuts must be out of this world for someone to cook them in 97 degree heat and eat them warm. So, with a determined voice I said, boiled peanuts please. As she handed me the hot peanuts, and John handed her the three dollars, I wondered what made me do this. Curiosity killed the cat. I think eating these might be mine.

As I set them down on the floor of the car, under my feet I could feel the heat. Really, they eat these. It was time. If I was to buy them I would at least try them. And guess what? They are salty, soggy, peanuts. Not bad, but not sure why? I guess that will have to stay a mystery.

As for today, my peanuts are resting comfortable in the fridge waiting for me. The jury is still out on who is going to eat them.

Happy Sunday and God Bless

Saturday, June 26, 2010

He's at it again.

Last I knew he was done digging in the back yard till we come home from vacation. But I came home from work to find a hole in our yard. This is no ordinary hole in the ground. This is going to be a pond that will house the water rolling down the river bed to this resting place. Only to be pumped up again for recycling. I was so excited but realized the now apparent hole will have to sit there till we do come home. But I have to say, I love change, and any change is good.

Stay tuned for the next change. I sure will be.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When reality drives you to Dunkin Donuts

Tuesday morning, the week after Father's Day, I picked up my cards from a really cute little gift store. This is always a tense thing for me because I know the sales of my cards are going to be slight. I'm not a negative person but realize the death of greeting card sending or even giving is upon us.

Now you might say, what took you so long....well it's not that it took me so long to figure this out, it was my hope that sending a beautiful card to someone was not a thing of the past.

When I get a card from a friend or family member I place in a special place so I can see it everyday. It's takes me weeks to take it down because to me, that extra time it takes to buy it and send it means I am not a last minute thought. I am considered worth the effort.

Today I decided to close my little business, not making cards but selling them in many stores. I have a great shop in Minnesota that will continue to get my cards. The owners are not only good friends but strong supporters of my creativity. I will also stay in Etsy for the fun of it.

So, you say what does a Dunkin Donut have to do with it? I try not to eat too much fun foods. However, I always find myself going to a donut when I really need to food hug. What's your vice, let me know.

After eating this delightful fritter, I am feeling better, maybe it's because this wasn't a decision made today but the closing of a chapter in my life. But look out, I never quit I just improve.

God Bless

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To My Father.

I realized today at church that I have two fathers. I found myself thanking my heavenly Father for my father. It almost brought tears to my eyes wondering how I was so blessed to have them both in my life. We are all blessed with the heavenly Father and you can choose to love him or not. I like thinking of myself as a late bloomer in realizing I could rely on Him, Him being God.

My earthly father, was a special man. No he wasn't the friend kind of dad. He was a strong, and yet a small man. He was faith driven. He worked so very hard and never held it above us with words like "you don't know how hard I work for you" he was humble. He was proud and yet kind. Maybe the word humble reflects him the most.

In return for his quiet being, I respected him. He didn't have to shout or use fowl words to be strong. We knew he was fair, even when we didn't like what he said. In return we treated him with respect. I loved my dad more than I knew but in my heart I know he knew that.

God Bless those who travel through my little blog.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is so cool.....

I am so excited our first venture into changing our landscape is started and here is the retaining wall that will hold back the gardens. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Look what we found. Step Two

Yesterday we took the next step. This was going to be a retaining wall that holds back the gardens. We have a slope built by the builder to navigate the water after a long rain. So the integrity of the landscape is very important. We decided to put two levels.

The first level, a garden of perennials, that won't need a lot of attention. The second level will be ivy that will only need pruning back. But for now the first level is what we're focusing on. The interesting part is, what we found two inches under the ground. Yes it's a wire. Was it hot, could it be important, this was the question. The funny part was that it went across our back yard from one fence line to the other. The power company came out, said it wasn't theirs but probably Charter cables. So we are waiting on them.

The amazing part is that our telephone line is only about two inches below ground and now this. In MN everything is at least at frost line. Which for all you hot land people is 36 inches. Every shovel push we do is a possible surprise.

John's best friend the tiller is most likely going to make a few mistakes and cut a few important or unimportant wires before we are done. We have already cut a few lawn watering system hoses. But hay, city living is new to us.

Tomorrow we hope to be back to building. But for today , we are wondering what secrets lie awaiting our next step. Thanks to all my friends. The Retired One and Vodka Logic. You guys rule.

God Bless all those who travel through my little world called Balsam Ponds

Monday, June 14, 2010

Small deck big grill

We have always had huge decks. Making it easy to house the grill and all the wonderful furniture it took to make the spaces work for lots of people and entertaining. When we decided to move here we realized we didn't have the deck. It was only about 12 x 16 feet. After thinking it over we decided it was big enough for the two of us. But if we had company it would be too small.

Building a new deck or what? We decided to remove the grill from the deck and making it a perfect deck for four to six sitters.

So this is our next step. Grill platform was the answer. I love it, it works so good. And again John did on heck of a job. I think I will keep least till the yard is done. Giggle.

Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

John's new best friend.

I have to say that our neighbor again made us trendy by letting us use this small tiller. I say that because John prefers to use bruit strength to unearth, earth. But with temperatures being hotter than usual and the humidity higher than we are used to, this machine is heaven sent.

In Minnesota, June is a very productive month to get landscaping done. Mostly because it still is mild in temperatures and easy to work. We are finding living in the south a challenge. A good one but neither the less a challenge. All of our life we have spent in Minnesota and hence think like a Minnesotan. No problem if you live there. We always had times during the year when things happened. Especially all surrounding the weather. So, this morning while talking to John I said, hummmm we need to think Southern. Working in the middle of the day in June is hot. Working after 7:00pm is when most of our neighbors come out to do the little lawn things.

We will learn and change from Minnesota thinkers to South Carolina thinkers, until then, we will sweat more, drink more and shower more.

Have a great Sunday all, this day is the Lords. Relax and thank Him.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's a start.

My followers that were with me from the great state of MN. Know that our last home was truly a slice of heaven, and wondered why we left it. The work we put into that house was something and it showed. When we moved we knew we were going to make our little piece of earth a better place for birds and all who see it. However, when we moved we also knew we would take our time. So pictures of the changes were not posted because we did little things to make it our home.

But it has started and I want to post a picture a day to bring you up to today. This picture was taken of our yard in December so it's old but gives you an idea of how it looked before we put shovel to the ground. I hope you enjoy the changes. Remember the changes will take a few years to really show how wonderful my husband is at making our place a slice of heaven.

God Bless all those who travel through my little blog.

Monday, June 7, 2010

She's back....

Just a picture morning for me. I am designing a lot of cards this week. What fun. But wanted you to see the threat that this Mourning Dove is becoming. She moves closer to John everyday.

Is she offering him a little food. Humm...a way to a mans heart.

Have a great week to my followers.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer...oh my gosh, it's summer

I don't know what your excuse is for not writing all the time but I can give you mine. It's this porch, yes a porch. I find myself making my way out there and enjoying the world around me.

It's where I realize how blessed I am to live in America. I love my flag that flows so beautifully in the wind. It tells me there is still hope, when things are appearing gloomy. That many have put their hand over their hearts and promised to protect. Wow, I don't know about you but it brings tears to my eyes.

I also looked at my hanging baskets, they are called patriotic red. Yummy, right up my ally. I could afford to buy them and all around me can enjoy them. I have air conditioning, to keep me cool when really hot outside and heat to keep me warm. This is truly a great place to live...America.

Bless all that travel through my little blog.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blue and Beautiful

Wow, the Hydrangea's in this area are wonderful. It's hard not to feel loved by God when you see what he has created. To those of different thoughts, mother nature is wonderful isn't the earth great?
Have a great day and to those who believe, God Bless

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I think I should worry....

My good looking husband enjoys sitting on the porch reading the paper or doing the crossword puzzle. What I didn't know was the company he is keeping. As I work in the studio, creating such wonderful cards he is have....well should I say entertaining. Could this be a treat. I am going to keep my head and keep the faith.

I have to say, she is beautiful and well put together. Most times I don't worry, but John seems to be talking to her and being overly attentive. And all she needs is sunflower seeds. This Mourning Dove has his attention. But she will have to understand, he has me.

Giggles for the morning.