Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I think I should worry....

My good looking husband enjoys sitting on the porch reading the paper or doing the crossword puzzle. What I didn't know was the company he is keeping. As I work in the studio, creating such wonderful cards he is have....well should I say entertaining. Could this be a treat. I am going to keep my head and keep the faith.

I have to say, she is beautiful and well put together. Most times I don't worry, but John seems to be talking to her and being overly attentive. And all she needs is sunflower seeds. This Mourning Dove has his attention. But she will have to understand, he has me.

Giggles for the morning.



  1. She IS gorgeous and I am guessing she coos sweet things to him!!

  2. Those doves can be hussies....be careful.