Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer...oh my gosh, it's summer

I don't know what your excuse is for not writing all the time but I can give you mine. It's this porch, yes a porch. I find myself making my way out there and enjoying the world around me.

It's where I realize how blessed I am to live in America. I love my flag that flows so beautifully in the wind. It tells me there is still hope, when things are appearing gloomy. That many have put their hand over their hearts and promised to protect. Wow, I don't know about you but it brings tears to my eyes.

I also looked at my hanging baskets, they are called patriotic red. Yummy, right up my ally. I could afford to buy them and all around me can enjoy them. I have air conditioning, to keep me cool when really hot outside and heat to keep me warm. This is truly a great place to live...America.

Bless all that travel through my little blog.



  1. What a beautiful house and porch!!

  2. Your new house is adorable. We too, are fortunate to have a covered porch with a porch swing in the front, which faces a little apple orchard, and on the back, we have a deck that looks over our beautiful lake that we live on....we often sit out on both to admire nature and the birds in it...I feel very blessed to live in America and where we do. I am so glad you are happy and enjoying life and summertime!