Monday, August 31, 2009

Good Monday Morning.

I wanted to present my door watcher. Some would say guard but not me. This pretty little face that greets me every time I come home never has an edge of threat to it. Yesterday after church we pulled into the drive. I always take a look at the house and the gardens. Each step of the 8th mile driveway has it's beauty. Sometimes, like now I realize how things are getting out of control. But be it as that is, I love seeing it from a visitors viewpoint.

But the best is when I walk up to the door and see that little body sitting as still as possible with her eyes burning through me. I often wonder why she waits so still, that will be forever her secret. No wiggle is seen till the key hits the door. Then in a burst of excitement she is just a blur.

A wag, a sniff and out the door, that was it. Off to the back yard to protect us from the true
invaders. Timbers world according to us.

God bless those who travel through my little world.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What happened here?

Over the last few weeks I have glanced at the arbor in wonder. Why don't I have more flowers. We planted Morning Glory's and the plant looks good. I know that the weather her in Minnesota has been cooler than normal.

So the other day I took a closer look, and guess what I found, yes, beans. I started to smile and thought, how could that happen? Was it the old thought that a birds dropping created this surprise. I waited till my sweet husband to arrive home with this news of beans on the arbor. I just couldn't wait to tell him. As he drove in I waited with batted breath.

Honey, I said, look at this .... beans. He looked at me with such a strange look and said of course.

What do you mean...of course? I planted them there, where was I? Again, I felt like the excitement air was released without fan fair. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and maybe I can surprise him.

Summer in Balsam Ponds

Monday, August 24, 2009

What month is this?

Working in a gift and framing store never leaves you without something to laugh about or gasping for air. This August is usually a month for deliveries of pumpkins and fall floral products to put out in late September or early October.

But today was different. As I walked through the back door I came past boxes stacked to the ceiling. This was my job for the day. But when I ask Kristi about them she replied. Sorry, these are Christmas decorations. Oh no I laughed.

Got my cup of coffee, and started to open the boxes. To my surprise was this beautiful display of ornaments staring at me. I rushed to get my camera and took a few shots. I hope you enjoy a touch of Christmas in August.

No, I didn't put them on the floor, I un-boxed them checked them, priced them and boxed them up for an undisclosed date, in the future.

Have a great day and remember take care and God Bless

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A new friend, for a while anyway.

My husband always throws his towel over the railings on our deck to dry it in the sun. Well last night he forgot to get his towel before bed and in the morning it was a little damp from the dew.

As he pulled it from the railing there sat a tree frog. It seemed friendly and appeared to like me. So I told John not to touch, as if he would have, finding me a little silly for wanting a picture. I ran downstairs and hurried back. There it sat, and as I took the pictures he seemed not to care. I thought the flash would alarm him.

I felt really proud of myself and sauntered back into the house. As I traveled past the deck and took one more look out upon the railing, he had gone. But for once the moment didn't escape me and I have him captured in color to look at whenever, my heart feels like it needs a smile.

Another moment on our small piece of heaven we call Balsam Ponds

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Timber versus the Porcupine

Ah yes, it finally happened, Timber found an opponents with more weapons than her. Timber as she usually does, sits on the deck and watches for critters that don't belong in her peoples yard. She has come up against all sorts of trespassers. From beaver, ground hogs, ducks, crows and the regular squirrel, she has ruled.

Yesterday, she decided to take on a porcupine, and guess what, it won. At least we think by her looks As most of us gals don't like our picture taken when we don't look so good. No pictures were taken of her with mouth full of quills. She also had a quill very close to her eye. She was very lucky. However, I can tell you yesterday she would not agree.

It started with John seeing her at the door, he know what had happened and hurried to call Care Veterinary Clinic, he talked to Steph and off into town we went, it's at least 22 miles so I was in charge of keeping her calm. We were met at the Care Clinic by Steph opening the door as John carried her in. Julia smiled at her and gave her that poor baby look.

I have to say that these are the moments I wish I could talk to her and tell her everything would be ok. But a soft pat on the head and petting her on the leg made her calm. Soothing words and John braking a few speeding laws we were all relieved to have her in good hands.

A shot latter and a stay overnight proved good for her. When David Hanson the vet called early this morning I felt better. She had done so well and was acting just like a puppy entertaining everyone and other sick dogs. When I picked her up, I could hardly tell the trauma of the day before. Now we will see if she has learned a lesson. No hunting for her today. While working at the computer she is sound asleep and all is well.

Just another look into a day at Balsam Ponds

Monday, August 17, 2009

When a weekend isn't enough.

This weekend was one of my favorites. My sister and her husband came for a visit. The guys were going to the races and we just sat and talked. We hardly ever have the time to do it. They are over six hours away from us. And often when we get together we are with others in the family.
Doreen, my sister, is also a card designer, the funny thing is our style of art is so very different. I love that because I'm always excited to see her creations. I never know what she has done and always impressed at her style and the quality of her product.

I don't feel bad that I have missed writing in my blog. When there are only two girls in a family of eight you try to use the time together being just sisters not part of a bigger picture. And I have to say we did ourselves proud.

Love you sis.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The morning came with a newborn...Tiger Lilly

Wow, look at this, there is nothing more beautiful, other than my husband in my world. This Tiger Lilly opened this morning and the angles sang.

Have a great day from Balsam Ponds in Bloggerville.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

This is my day....

I decided that after three weeks I was going to spend a day doing what I wanted, spend a morning in my pj's, bake cookies, and visit my friends blogs. And if any time is left, I and Timber will spend time designing. But I thought you would love to see another beautiful flower God has created. And I am so lucky to have it in my garden.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A view of the pond.

Yesterday Timber had to go to the veterinarian. This is usually just another trip in her car and a little treat for taking all her shots. But yesterday was something new. I realized she was eleven and getting older. As I watched the vet examining her, I realized what a part of my life she is.

She and I spend a lot of time together, I take care of her and she loves me. I talk to her and I know all she hears is the tone of my voice, indicating what I am feeling. And that is enough for both of us.

We sat on the deck today looking over the pond. We both realized that it was simply a beautiful day. Again, that seemed like enough for both of us.

A glimpse into my heart. God bless all those to venture into my little world I call Balsam Ponds.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Another day, another time.

This morning came as a complete surprise due to such a busy weekend. Being busy can sometimes wear me down, and I have to say it really did. But the success of the endeavor was so worth it. Our church had it's annual lunch and craft sale. And as most of you know I am now in charge. Quit that, I can see you smile. Anyway back to my story. We had moved our event to a different week, different day, and yet through all the changes we did good, thank God. And I mean thank God.

In a small community, you have so little time to make extra money. And as the stores and eating establishments we need their help to survive the long winter months. Mostly because we are in the greater vacation land. Our season formally starts around Memorial and runs through Labor Day. We make extra money for such things as supplies we need in the kitchen, or larger things like a new washer and dryer in the rectory. We pride ourselves in helping the church run.

We are truly a volunteer army. I find it fun to work with such fun gals. We laugh a lot, grumble a lot, but in the end we feel good. Not just because of the money we make but because of the friendships we have developed over the years.

This is just a glimpse into my life living in a small town.