Saturday, August 22, 2009

A new friend, for a while anyway.

My husband always throws his towel over the railings on our deck to dry it in the sun. Well last night he forgot to get his towel before bed and in the morning it was a little damp from the dew.

As he pulled it from the railing there sat a tree frog. It seemed friendly and appeared to like me. So I told John not to touch, as if he would have, finding me a little silly for wanting a picture. I ran downstairs and hurried back. There it sat, and as I took the pictures he seemed not to care. I thought the flash would alarm him.

I felt really proud of myself and sauntered back into the house. As I traveled past the deck and took one more look out upon the railing, he had gone. But for once the moment didn't escape me and I have him captured in color to look at whenever, my heart feels like it needs a smile.

Another moment on our small piece of heaven we call Balsam Ponds


  1. Cute, I don't think I have ever seen a tree frog.


  2. haha...nice blog.with interesting topics..
    What a lovable place..smiles

  3. I wouldn't want to pick one up, but yeah I find frogs pretty cute. :P

    Nice pic!

  4. Frogs generally creep me out a bit - at least the ones I have seen in the past .. but your tree frog here is actually SMILING for the camera .. it's as if he waited for you to take his pic and then moved along !

  5. Ahhhh...he is a cutie pie. I love frogs and toads!
    I did a blogpost a while back with pictures of a bunch, did you see it?

  6. Retired One. Yes I did, and loved every moment of the looking at the photos. Wish you had been here to take even a better picture.