Monday, August 17, 2009

When a weekend isn't enough.

This weekend was one of my favorites. My sister and her husband came for a visit. The guys were going to the races and we just sat and talked. We hardly ever have the time to do it. They are over six hours away from us. And often when we get together we are with others in the family.
Doreen, my sister, is also a card designer, the funny thing is our style of art is so very different. I love that because I'm always excited to see her creations. I never know what she has done and always impressed at her style and the quality of her product.

I don't feel bad that I have missed writing in my blog. When there are only two girls in a family of eight you try to use the time together being just sisters not part of a bigger picture. And I have to say we did ourselves proud.

Love you sis.


  1. time is so precious, I feel the same way when I see my sister!

  2. I know how you feel. Times like those are always too short.

  3. Yeh I would agree with riter. Good times are always short and pass instantly

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  4. Don't worry about not blogging....and to spend time with your sister?=priceless.
    I love doing the same thing with my girlfriends when we get together. It just "fills you up"!

  5. How wonderful. I am down south and just spent one week with my sister. We have been in Austin for 2 weeks and will get to stop in again before we fly back northeast. It's the best!