Monday, August 31, 2009

Good Monday Morning.

I wanted to present my door watcher. Some would say guard but not me. This pretty little face that greets me every time I come home never has an edge of threat to it. Yesterday after church we pulled into the drive. I always take a look at the house and the gardens. Each step of the 8th mile driveway has it's beauty. Sometimes, like now I realize how things are getting out of control. But be it as that is, I love seeing it from a visitors viewpoint.

But the best is when I walk up to the door and see that little body sitting as still as possible with her eyes burning through me. I often wonder why she waits so still, that will be forever her secret. No wiggle is seen till the key hits the door. Then in a burst of excitement she is just a blur.

A wag, a sniff and out the door, that was it. Off to the back yard to protect us from the true
invaders. Timbers world according to us.

God bless those who travel through my little world.


  1. Awwwww...soooo cute! It would be a pleasure to have her waiting at the door for are blessed!

  2. I really enjoyed this post. I have always lived with cats and dogs. They do enrich our lives.

  3. It's been said that pet owners live longer; no wonder with all the joy they give us.