Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving is a day of thanks, did I do it justice, did I think of all those I love and friends I'm blessed to know?  Did I wake up with praise on my lips to a God who give me peace when peace is so hard to find? 

Would I find peace if I didn't believe in Him?  And would I have continued to make bad choices that would have drawn me down in spirit, the big question is...would I be here today? 

These questions travel through my thoughts as I lay warm in my bed surrounded by the breathing of my loving husband and Austin.  I don't know all the answers but I know one thing, questioning what might have happened, is just like loosing sleep, not worth the time spent.

I have always had the ability to believe in God, as mom once said, you can question your religion but not your faith.  I don't question either, I am at peace with my life. That doesn't mean my life is without struggle.  It just mean that while I am here on earth, I will deal with what comes my way with understanding, not with anger and revenge. 

I leave that up to people who see nothing left but to be angry.  There are way too many here on earth making peace something not possible. I hope I am joined today in thanking the faithful, who smiles and makes every breathing moment just a little easier. 

God Bless

Monday, November 19, 2012

An Apple a Day.

John and  I have developed our own little serenity plan. Our trip to North Carolina and into the mountains supplies us with an outing that takes only a few hours. It also gives Austin time to hang his head out the window and learn the skills of staying on his paws securely planted on his platform while taking all the curves.  This last trip to the mountains was to Sky Top Orchards, where even into November a wide variety of apples were there for our tasting and selecting.

As the sun shines through the windows of the car and we travel down the mountain with two big bags of apples, I realize how such a little trip can cure so many sad moments.  I am blessed to have a husband that listens when I say I am sad, and comes up with something so relaxing. 

God is good, and little things are given without fan fair.  This is what I am thankful coming into the beautiful holiday of Thanksgiving.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Life goes on....

I have to say that while I was busy getting my business in order, John was busy.  My brother Vern gave us a soft sided compost holder and for over a year we used it to see if composting would work. Would it fit into our neighborhood?  Would our weather work?  Would we use it enough to make it permanent? 
It worked and we got the best soil from it.  All green product, veg, and fruit debris was put into the composter and with the sun's power it became very nutritious ground. 

This summer John decided to make it permanent.  The floor of the composter was created with 16'' x 16'' concrete tiles.  The walls were built in reverse making it easy to turn the compost.

Proud of John and all he does for our beautiful gardens.