Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving is a day of thanks, did I do it justice, did I think of all those I love and friends I'm blessed to know?  Did I wake up with praise on my lips to a God who give me peace when peace is so hard to find? 

Would I find peace if I didn't believe in Him?  And would I have continued to make bad choices that would have drawn me down in spirit, the big question is...would I be here today? 

These questions travel through my thoughts as I lay warm in my bed surrounded by the breathing of my loving husband and Austin.  I don't know all the answers but I know one thing, questioning what might have happened, is just like loosing sleep, not worth the time spent.

I have always had the ability to believe in God, as mom once said, you can question your religion but not your faith.  I don't question either, I am at peace with my life. That doesn't mean my life is without struggle.  It just mean that while I am here on earth, I will deal with what comes my way with understanding, not with anger and revenge. 

I leave that up to people who see nothing left but to be angry.  There are way too many here on earth making peace something not possible. I hope I am joined today in thanking the faithful, who smiles and makes every breathing moment just a little easier. 

God Bless

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