Sunday, June 13, 2010

John's new best friend.

I have to say that our neighbor again made us trendy by letting us use this small tiller. I say that because John prefers to use bruit strength to unearth, earth. But with temperatures being hotter than usual and the humidity higher than we are used to, this machine is heaven sent.

In Minnesota, June is a very productive month to get landscaping done. Mostly because it still is mild in temperatures and easy to work. We are finding living in the south a challenge. A good one but neither the less a challenge. All of our life we have spent in Minnesota and hence think like a Minnesotan. No problem if you live there. We always had times during the year when things happened. Especially all surrounding the weather. So, this morning while talking to John I said, hummmm we need to think Southern. Working in the middle of the day in June is hot. Working after 7:00pm is when most of our neighbors come out to do the little lawn things.

We will learn and change from Minnesota thinkers to South Carolina thinkers, until then, we will sweat more, drink more and shower more.

Have a great Sunday all, this day is the Lords. Relax and thank Him.


  1. Good luck with the switch in thinking. I have lived in CA now for longer than I lived in KS, but I still think like a Kansan!

    Love the new toy!

  2. you are so funny! Yes, you must accommodate to the weather down south..we did that in Florida a lot..if we wanted to hike somewhere we did it in early morning or late at night for sure, due to the high humidity and scorching sun!

  3. Yes welcome to thinking about Summer and mowing.

  4. Thanks guys, I am loving the challange and as long as I take care I am going to be ok. I had heat stroke a few years ago and I know the signals my body sends.