Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When reality drives you to Dunkin Donuts

Tuesday morning, the week after Father's Day, I picked up my cards from a really cute little gift store. This is always a tense thing for me because I know the sales of my cards are going to be slight. I'm not a negative person but realize the death of greeting card sending or even giving is upon us.

Now you might say, what took you so long....well it's not that it took me so long to figure this out, it was my hope that sending a beautiful card to someone was not a thing of the past.

When I get a card from a friend or family member I place in a special place so I can see it everyday. It's takes me weeks to take it down because to me, that extra time it takes to buy it and send it means I am not a last minute thought. I am considered worth the effort.

Today I decided to close my little business, not making cards but selling them in many stores. I have a great shop in Minnesota that will continue to get my cards. The owners are not only good friends but strong supporters of my creativity. I will also stay in Etsy for the fun of it.

So, you say what does a Dunkin Donut have to do with it? I try not to eat too much fun foods. However, I always find myself going to a donut when I really need to food hug. What's your vice, let me know.

After eating this delightful fritter, I am feeling better, maybe it's because this wasn't a decision made today but the closing of a chapter in my life. But look out, I never quit I just improve.

God Bless


  1. Too sad in a way, but if you are happy with your decision, then that is what counts.
    You will find another outlet for your creativity, you will see!

  2. Hi, Carol. Sorry to hear this but you know what's best for you. I'm glad that donut brought some comfort :o)
    Come by today if you get a moment...you inspired me to write about my furry friend.
    Oh, for me ICE CREAM. Or COOKIES, soft ones with choc chips :o)
    Happy summer!!

  3. Ah yes, you have closed one door but perhaps the fritter is telling you to open another--to baking, or, ummmm, maybe exercising??? The world will let you know!

  4. I save every single card that I get. I have boxes full of them. I sometimes use them for scrapbooking, and I have framed several cards and have them hanging on my walls.

    I understand how hard it can be and that the market for isnt there in that particular place. I am an Artist also, and I have a hard time finding time to do Art. I feel that my blog is my Art at this point. It is the best way to use creativity, to share creatively, and to explore it. Before my blog, there had been a big gap between projects for me. The blog creats consistancy. You will find a new way to focus your talents and this blog is one of the ways you already do! I enjoy your posts and your photography! Thanks for the post, Suzie Q