Monday, July 12, 2010

Car Goodies.

Today while packing and of course our time spent on the porch, wondering if we remembered everything, a car turned around in our driveway, or at least that's what we thought. Until our friend stepped out of the car with a big purple gift bag. She said it was just a little something to get us going. Humm. I said or bribing us to leave. Well it turned out she wants us back.

Good thing she made that clear because she sent enough food to keep us busy eating and driving possible to Minnesota and back. There were two items that almost made me cry. A little looking glass and a journal. Why cry you say, think about it....looking at ones self and writing. Oh boy again, what is she thinking. But as I read the note I realized she is right. Even though I write most things on my blog there are times I don't publish thoughts. So, dear friend, I will write and read in the future.

I am so blessed