Saturday, September 12, 2009

To Jeep or not to Jeep

I have a story for you, I told you how wonderful my husband is and this is about his jeep. Now this jeep came to us, as I called it a piece of junk, more rust than most cars in a junk yard. But for some reason John truly saw something in it that I would never. So home it came. This was over eight years ago.

Now I won't tell you all the details now but will be building on this story for a while. This year John started to talk about selling it. Yes, for you guys this is really a Willy's Jeep. For the rest of you it's just a jeep. We have collector plates on it due to the age, 1948 I think. Now what makes this jeep special is that he never really drives it. It hits the street two times a year. When coming out of storage in the spring and back to storage for the winter. Oh I forgot, when he had the oil changed. That's when this picture was taken. I ask him if he never drives it why change the oil? He looked at me with the sheepish smile and said, what if it gets water in it? Hummmm

So, this is my short story on a jeep with a questionable existence. More info to come about how it come to look this good.

God Bless those who travel in and out of my world.



  1. Very cool..odd he doesn't drive it.


  2. AWESOME! I love jeeps. Though, if I had such a fantastic machine, I'd love to drive it around.. :D