Sunday, August 14, 2011

Isn't our country beautiful?

I have to say yes..however, I know other places are beautiful also. But I truly believe in our moments and sharing them. I am very blessed to have these moment and to recognize them for what they are. Beautiful. I also find that I am always learning.
The biggest lesson this vacation was, that not everyone has wi-fi. Oh my gosh. I am usually the last one to get anything technical. I left home with a new laptop, believing everyone was much farther ahead of me. Well as I found out my family isn't there yet. So, my wish for blogging as our vacation took place didn't happen. I know that I could have ventured out and found some. But I was on vacation to hug, talk and listen to my love ones. So no venturing out. But here I am with photos and stories. To make you smile. I hope you enjoy the trip. The first photo is from the Tennessee rest stop coming out of South Carolina.
I could swear this was a real cabin. I wanted to sit and enjoy the rockers. But that was just for looks. But oh how wonderful.
God Bless those who travel through my little blog. Welcome to my little world.

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