Saturday, August 27, 2011

We make ourselves at home

One thing about having us for guests is that we know how to relax. Our next stop was Joe and Kristi's, they started out my bosses and turned into our friends. What an unexpected blessing.
The story goes, ours that is, that we arrived before they came home from work. So, John and I decided to enjoy their deck, we always carry wine, two crystal glasses and fine hors d' oeuvres. I bet you didn't know these were hors d' oeuvres? John and I pride ourselves in good wine and finger food when traveling. Not to say the napkins, yes fabric. Oh my.
Just because they weren't home doesn't mean we had to wait to start the party. When they did arrive we welcomed them as if they were the company. Lots of laughs and memories made.
This was just the start to a fine visit. What great friends we have.


  1. Carol my cherished friend. You are so fortunate. I know you had a lovely time. Big Hugs xo
    P.S. thank you so very much for sharing my blogs with others I am blessed by your friendship.

  2. featuring your adventure at Katherines Corner on Tuesday!