Friday, August 19, 2011

Para what?

One thing my brother is, is resourceful. As we pondered over the problems of the world, not, he brought this thing out. It's a parachute. A guy was really cleaver and re marketed these for covering a porch or where ever you would like more shade.
These parachutes didn't make the cut when inspected. When he put it up, I had to giggle, than was surprised at it's beauty and function. Wow, what next, I just looked at Gene and said...I am impressed.
So I leave you with this. He, my brother, not only can grill but can find something this clever. When you sat under it, it felt so graceful. The wind gave you a feeling of what it would feel like if you jumped from a plane. Without the fear of God striking you.
This was a great day.
God Bless those who visit my little blog.

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