Sunday, November 20, 2011

Changing Seasons

Before leaving for church this morning, I watched the news coming out of Minnesota, my home town of St. Cloud had ice and a touch of snow.  I looked out the window of our South Carolina home and saw the trees finally shedding their leaves, most of the plants were settling in for the winter and dying back, then I noticed the strawberry plants.  This was the first year for them, did they not know what other plants knew, to sleep.  Or were they just that much hardier? The interesting thing is we picked a handful of strawberries. Silly plants, I don't think they know it's over yet. 
Picture taken 11/17/11

What I do know is that they too will turn down their leaves and sleep, waiting for the sun to warm and another season to produce. Isn't God great that he would give us this thing called change of seasons. 

God bless all who read my little blog

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