Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where the heart is.

As we drove into my sisters driveway, I felt at peace with the end of our vacation.  The house was so welcoming, but for the people who lived in this house, they were even more welcoming.  My sister is the yard person.  My brother-in-law is truly a motor head, so each have their hobbies. 
For my sister, each step in the process of making their home beautiful, is thrilling and labor intensive.  But she seems to enjoy it.  We have more in common as we get older. Flowers, and greeting cards are the top two.  But as I said before, age seems less important as we grow older.  We are no longer big sister and baby sister, we are friends. 

We have always been miles apart, but our hearts have stayed close.  More pictures to come. This one picture doesn't show the beauty of her deck and garden.  Vacation soon to end, but for now, I will be with my sister, that little time will be well used. 

God Bless those who travel through my little world.

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  1. You describe your sisters work well....labor intensive! You can see that. It is nice to become friends as we grow older!