Monday, September 5, 2011

Go South Vacationers.

We had to leave the Brainerd Lakes Area and go south.  Six hours of farming land is something the eye never tires of. The small towns that dot the highway, bring you back to another time, maybe a slower time. However, the small towns buzz with activity.

One thing that takes my breath away are the wind power windmills.  They are hug and graceful.  Southern Minnesota has so many of these and every time we travel through there are more.  Cows graze under the calming woosh of the blades going around.  I always make my husband stop so I can take in the grace and soothing sound. 

We are on our way to my sisters, we will be welcome with a hug from her and my brother in law.  We will again eat and laugh.  Oh yes, also drink some too. But for now I want you to enjoy the picture of the windmills.

God Bless you all

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