Monday, July 25, 2011

What the heck is this?

Austin as worldly as he is, is about to experience something Today when I brought the suit cases down, he ventured over to see what they were. It must be as important to put your head in the suit case as to just sniff the outsides. He is now ten months old and will experience the biggest challenge ever. Seventeen days on the road. He has been welcomed by friends and family to sleep in their homes. He has learned to sleep in his kennel when we are gone, giving us peace of mind and also our hosts. He will carry his bed with him, so he can rest his head comfortably at night and feel he is safe. He is ready...but are we?
This will be an experience for us too. To protect him along the way, to make sure he is safe from heat and all that the world has to harm him. This will prove to us wether all we have trained him to do and not to do will make him a welcomed guest.
He probably will post in the blog along our way. Pray for our safe travel. We will be leaving home with all security in place and excitement in check.
God bless all of you for your visiting my little blog.

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  1. A big trip for all of you! I am sure all will go well. Happy travels!