Sunday, July 17, 2011

What a a squash

Happy Sunday to all who stop by. For us it's a normal Sunday, coffee, breakfast, God and than time for our loves. Today isn't very unusual, except for the laughing hangover we got last night in our garden.

Last fall we put all sorts of veggies, like the pumpkins after Halloween was over, and decorator squash after Thanksgiving, into the area that would become our makeshift garden this year. In the spring pumpkins came up. We decided to leave them and see what came from them. John and I always love surprises. As you can see the variety is worth the time. The pumpkins look like squash and everyone has it's own personality. I hope you enjoy it also.

God Bless those who believe and those who prefer, have a great day.


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  1. Carol,
    I am shamefully behind in my blog reading...wanted to tell you that I love your new picture/header..shows us where you do your card and blog magic! xxoo