Sunday, July 17, 2011

Austin is growning up.

Everyday, Austin is one step closer to being a worldly dog. I watch as his world get bigger, a road trip with window privileges. Not losing his cookies on the trip. His wondering around behind John when work has to be done on the yard. Without a need to run. And staying in bed a little longer when his prior day was too hectic.
For me it's knowing this little spirit is my charge, or should I say our charge. We are his security and his care takers. We make sure the water is fresh in his bowl, he gets his heartworm medication and comes out of the sun when we know he is warm.
But in return he gives us, unending love, attention more than we want some days but mostly he makes us laugh. I know his spirit is ours and that we are his. He is now truly part of our family. He gives back more than he takes.
He is nothing like Timber and I am pleased he's not. I could never replace Timber and I know she is happy and at rest. She loved us and made us proud. She was an extension of us. Now Austin is learning the skills and because he has learned so much he will reap the freedoms Timber had. We are blessed again.
Great dogs take loving humans. Be a good human.


  1. you are one of the sweetest humans I know, xo

  2. Beautiful Story Carol. I love your site. Austin is definitely a wonderful addition to your family.