Friday, December 16, 2011

One year ago today.

What more can I say today, a week before Christmas, Austin came to us as a unwanted, unplanned, shelter dog, and now is a important part of our family.  I knew if we would adapt a new spirit, my spirit would again be whole.  I knew that a new spirit, that needed me and loved me would eat away at my loss, Timber. 

Austin has worked very hard at being the best puppy ever. With youthful excitement, his wonder of everything new, and his love for John had made this year the best.  I thank God for all that he gave me, the world that I call my home, and his giving of his son.  Wow, I am blessed.

Merry Christmas to all.


  1. They say you don't find a dog, they find YOU. So glad you have a new furry friend in your life to uplift your spirits!! xxoo

  2. Please scratch Austin behind the ears for me. Hoping you have a Happy Weekend! Love and Hugs! P.S. Please stop by and enter my Tis The Season giveaway it ends tomorrow night. If you haven't already done it I invite you to add your lovely blog to my new blog list page too. :-)

  3. Carol, what a lovely post. You and John are so fortunate to have Austin. Dog is God spelled backward!