Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Where Art Thou ?

Yesterday I decided to design a spring birthday card, I have to say it was quite a challenge seeing that outside my window was a snow storm. Yes again, a snow storm. I said Carol you can do it. I put my blinders on, thought of the person I wanted to get this card and that was all I needed. You know what, I got into it and made a really big mess. I had paper cuttings in my hair, stuck to my slippers and found a piece of debris floating in my tea.

What a great day. The fun part was that for a while I felt warmer and my soul sing and I realized how I missed the drawing board and the closeness I feel to God when I am using the talent he gave me. Even though the time went fast, the snow didn't melt and reality settled back in. But for a moment in time I was so very happy. I hope this card brings you a smile and a warm feeling

God Bless those who venture through my door and sit for a while.


  1. Looks like a really cute card!!!
    I blog a lot during our long, hard, cold winters. Because the friendships make me feel warm!

  2. I love friends, especially in the winter also. I hope you have a great weekend. Retired one.

  3. I love your card, all of them.

  4. Your card is so beautiful! Every card I have seen of yours, is so personal and special. I love them!
    Have a great weekend

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