Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can it be true ?

I think it might just be spring in Minnesota. I know that is going out on a limb here where, this year at least, winter seems to be lasting forever. But, yesterday was a sure sign that Mother nature finally stopped in a bad mood.

Stepping onto my favorite porch, and tucked in the corner was the first sign that spring was arriving. My tulips were peaking out from under the leaves that I so lovingly placed last fall. I am as always worried we will get another cold spell and they might die or get frost bite.

But nature understands it's limitations and even in past years when it has snowed late the tulip survives and makes known that it's time to grow and show it's determination to become alive.

That's just another way of seeing life for me and getting my creative juices running. Today as always I find myself truly amazed at our world and how even when we don't think spring is coming nothing stops the growth and beauty we call spring.


  1. I can't grow tulips in my little corner of Aussie land. But at least we don't have fierce snow storms and ice ...

  2. I bet they just realize that taxes may be pushing a few people to the limit and it's time to pick them up with a burst of beautiful color.

  3. I KNOW! Isn't it great to see them come up!?? I have some that are 4 inches already and some just peeking thru...go to my blog today...I found crocuses in bloom in my neighbor's was so great to see them!!

    The Retirement Chronicles

  4. Excellent indicators!
    Beautiful outlook!

    I can relate... I'm outside of Rochester, NY. The sun is hinting that she remembers us!

    Good stuff ahead!
    peace, Chuck

  5. here the tulips have already started blooming and are beautiful, I hope it is spring for ya'll now

  6. wow...i admire people who love plants!

  7. Excellent blog. I was in Minnesota in October this past year grouse hunting with friends about 30 miles from International Falls. Had a wonderful time. Keep up the good work.

  8. I'm going to Minnesota next month. It would be summer by that time right? can't wait to experience it.