Monday, April 13, 2009

Here a peep, there a peep, a peep no more.

I can hear it already, enough about peeps. I promise this will be the last peeps post until next year. Easter has come and the peeps are gone. One by one they disappeared from site. You know the phrase out of site, out of mind. Yeah well, mine are out of site and now pleasantly sitting on my hips.

Now for you peep protection people, the peeps came to a quick demise. Yes very quick. You know the thought of leaving them till they get hard and chewy. Mine almost made it. I am sure you are wondering if any remain seeing I got four boxes. Nope.

I have to say peeps always taste better when you can't have them. I feel good that I made it though lent. Next year for lent I will give up candy again. It is by far the hardest thing for me to do. But for 2009 I can say.... good that's done and I hope I don't see another peep.

God bless those who follow or just stop by


  1. I love peeps too. You can't get enough peeps!

  2. My downfall this year was the Robin's Eggs. Normally I can hold back but this year there was no stopping me! I can feel my pants getting tighter just thinking about it.

  3. Carol. You write really beautiful & I would like to present you something. Check out my blog for your award.

  4. I have never had a peep, so I guess I'll have to try one great article also.

  5. Silly question, but what are peeps. I have never heard of them here in Australia. I think I will start asking around.