Thursday, April 9, 2009

Who Let the Peeps Out?

Hi everyone, here I am talking about peeps again. If you read my article about lent then this post makes sense. Peeps is only the iceberg of giving up candy. But a fun example. Now for an update. My sister-in-law, bless her heart, gave me four boxes of peeps for my birthday. I don't think I told you but I love hard and rubbery peeps. That takes a while to achieve by unwrapping and letting the air get to them.

Yesterday I opening the box and letting the peeps get the air they needed to achieve pure delight, mine that is. I find that the peeps sitting on my counter have a true temptation that honors the purpose of lent. How you say? Well, in this day of decadence we have the ability to get and have all we want at any time of the day or night. We justify everything we do with ease.

Peeps mean to me, saying no. No to all the temptations in my world, this time of year symbolized in a peep. In hopes to remind myself of what Jesus sacrificed for me. Whether you believe or not in Jesus, you do believe in your loved ones and being a great person. At Easter take the time while hunting for Easter eggs to hug your loved ones and think about being a better soul throughout the next year.

With opening the peeps I am truly on a peep alert. The last few days are really the hardest, mostly because they are open and I am thinking just one. Carol just say no.

God Bless who spend time visiting my site.


  1. You can go nuts on Easter then, right????
    Good luck!!

  2. Hi Carol
    Enjoy on Easter, you can do it! On Easter you will have to have a post on how good they taste:)
    Good Luck

  3. well, being from Zimbabwe and all, I am not sure what peeps are. I presume they are things you eat.

    Here, we have Easter Eggs (yes, really, despite being a totally bankrupt country, we still buy our Easter eggs for the kids, they go back to eating wild fruits on Tuesday!)

    Happy Easter Carol!

  4. Ahhh, temptation! I haven't purchased the candy for the boys' baskets yet because I'm afraid they won't last till Easter. I need to go get their chocolate bunnies before they are gone.

    Stay strong!

    Happy Easter

  5. I also like my peeps with a little rubber in them! Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  6. Wishing you a blessed Easter (with peeps)! I hid mine for Easter but the kids ate them.

  7. Happy Easter Carol!

    I can eat that.. it's too floppy and sweet for me :)

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