Sunday, April 5, 2009

Home again, home again.

This weekend was a blast. Ok, that's just a little too much hype. But I was so blessed to spend time, once again with my brothers and their wives. When you have a family as big as mine the sister-in-laws after time become sisters and if lucky friends.

Now the question is... are they as tired of laughing and talking, or for my brothers listening as I am. Do you find it hard to socialize for two days when you usually don't do that much over a week and certainly not all at once.

My brothers are both of the earth. Their love for the family is strong and enduring. I see so much of my mom in one and my dad in the other. My love for them is something more then words you find in a book it's respect and appreciation.

They will probably never read this post but one thing I know is that it's important to write it and than sometime when I feel alone I can come back and reread it. So for all those sisters, brothers, and friends made from family. Here's to you. I will lift a glass of wine and ponder what was shared. Yes I know this is a summer shot but thought you would like to see how much laughing this family does. It was taken at a family steak fry. Yumm

God Bless all those who come and visit for a while.


  1. Family is so important in this world. I come from a very small one but realize that I can just focus that much more time with them. Great post and sorry for being away for so long, I really enjoy what you have to say.
    God Bless,

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  3. Hi carol. So glad you had the visit with your brothers and "sisters". I also have two brothers with wives that have become my sisters and thank goodness, my friends! I only wish they lived closer so I could see them more. We behave like teen agers when we are all together!

  4. Polly, family and friends, that is truly something. And you are right, I wish mine were closer also. Happy Easter