Sunday, April 26, 2009

Frogs in my pond, frogs in my head

I was so inspired the other day hearing my new found residents of our natural pond I rushed right in and created the best frog card I could come up with.

I have used frogs before, mostly for thinking of you cards because they often make me smile and I want to give others that feeling also. But today was a birthday card. I hope it brings smile to your life and reminds you of the little creatures that give us so much.

I figured you would like to see this card up close so I made the pictures a little bigger. Now look what I have to do... write more. Yiks, I am the queen of short posts and would like to keep that position. So don't tell anyone I wrote to fill space. Have a great day and God Bless.


  1. I love frogs! What a cute card!

  2. I just adooooooooore frogs! :D
    I came by after reading yu at Saveyoursoul's blog and you have inspired me.
    It is amazing to see such an open heart and mind around this days.
    I love your blog and your way of thinking... I'm sure I'll stop by more often.

    [don't get scared if you ever visit my blg, you have a translator there and 60% of my posts are written in english... so you'll find something worth of reading, eventually.]

  3. Hi Carol. I love this card. I want to start making cards again after seeing yours here and on the Artfire blog.

  4. It was a beautiful card. I've heard that frogs are given also to those who would want to meet their prince charming soon.

    Anyways, hope I could really eat more cakes on birthdays :D

    My Unrevealed Thoughts

  5. That's such a beautiful creation Carol. I am amazed by the drawing of frogs and how the outer layer of creativity and imagination ties so well with the theme.

  6. Send me some cards Carol, would love to send them to my gf, who's always upset with me for not gifting her anything ;)

    WWonderful...loved it !!!