Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's keeping me so busy?

You would think that Mother's Day cards would be my next project, but as retail goes, Mother's Day cards are already on my sites and in the stores. I bet you're thinking, a good cup of tea and the couch would be in my sites. But no.

This week was graduation cards and I decided that I would do graduation money cards. I'm trying to do something different. So out came the papers and I sat down in my favorite brain chair, stared out the window. The waterfall and the trickle ponds surely were making beautiful sounds, however with the temperatures still being too cold no window was allowed open. That was not going to stop me. With the sun shining in on me I could not lose.

As usual my mind drove me into many word games. Some long, some short. Finally on paper it was there. The first set and here it is a sneak peak for all of my friends. What do you think, did I make the grade? I know what you're thinking, a girl card what about all those great graduating guys.

Be assured that I have a set being pressed as I type and will also be posted in the near future. Another day behind my drawing board and in front of the talent God gave me. I am truly blessed.


  1. Hi Carol. Your graduation card is the "Bomb". as my grand kids say!! I just love handmade cards. They are so special. I am so bad about making them and putting them somewhere filed away. I made one for my daughter in law's birthday once, never dreaming I had forgot to mail it. Once, when I mentioned it to her, she said "What card?"
    Thanks for your comment today. I can tell you have a very kind heart and are very compassionate.

  2. Carol! What a gorgeous card; I love it!

  3. These cards are really nice and a great idea as well☺♥

  4. I like how it turned out--so pretty!