Monday, April 6, 2009

When is a Mess Really a Mess?

I am hoping you enjoy this truly wonderful mess. This is one of those times when you close your eyes knowing the ending will be great. Every once and a while we go through this. We are finishing our home one project at a time. And in those simple projects we find ourselves taking small steps. The worst part is the cleaning up. If we were young and could do it in one day the cleaning up would be a one time event. But not us. We are up to three clean ups and counting.
But at the end of the day the mess will be gone, our world will be back in order and we will sit with glass of wine in hand feeling pretty accomplished. So, when is a mess really a mess...when it doesn't accomplish something.


  1. I love the all natural wood on your walls. We have the same thing in our log home. It is bright and warm! Never mind the "mess"....time will take care of it and you will be glad when your project is done. (Only to move on to the next one, if you are like us!) We are renovating TWO old homes right now. Yikes! What were we thinking?
    The Retirement Chronicles

  2. Carol
    I am so glad I could make you laugh today. Husbands can be so funny, I am so glad you have a funny husband also. They sure make bad days happy!

    Did you get another project done? I love the walls, your home looks so warm and inviting!

    Have a great day

  3. Construction mess isn't considered a mess, it is art lol.

  4. You call that a mess? The clean shows throught, it takes years to make a real mess.

  5. "under construction" isn't really mess... it is work in progress!!! We have been "under construction...for....eeeehhhhemmmmm....9 years. We bought a 3 bedroom 1 bath house that was falling doewn (basically all we could afford at the time, lol!!) We paid for it to be lifted, and we paid for the concrete foundation.... the rest we have done ourselves - put up walls (the lifting company did set the house back down, lol!) and slowly starting finishing the house! We now have a 5 bedroom 2 bath (master bathroom is last project to be done!!)house that we would have never been able to afford to buy. Not too bad considering we are raising 4 kids along the way!
    So.... now that I babbled on your blog.... I repeat... construction is not mess!!