Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lessons from the Back Yard.

Timber, my eleven year old English Setter is always teaching me something. Today it was simple, patients. Her ability to sit and just wait for something to happen is a skill I don't have. She can sit for hours and watch the same plot of ground and then all of a sudden when she feels the timing right...chases a squirrel and usually get it. Not those gentle black or gray squirrels but those red ones that find it fun to harass her.

She has the ability to hold her humans accountable when we just happen out the door at the wrong time. I know what she is thinking, and it's never good. But then she gets back into position and sets a pose.

The other day I was designing up a storm and the pieces of paper glued down with such love were not drying fast enough. I found myself just a little impatient. Funny thing was with my grumbles and grunts, here she was laying in the sun lifting her head with dismay and surely saying, get a grip.

She not only is my pet, my friend, but often an example of how life should be. Taking one step at a time and savoring it.

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  1. She is gorgeous. My sister-in-law has two of the same breed and they were wonderful pets. I can see why she is your buddy!

    The Retirement Chronicles