Friday, April 24, 2009


Yesterday we noticed a new sound that filled the air and ushers in spring. We had a great evening on the upper deck, savoring a great glass of wine and listening to the birds. But they weren't the only thing making noise and enjoying the warmer weather. The singing came from lots and lots of frogs.

You know those little green things, making tadpoles in our pond. They don't care about us humans they just do their thing every year, making little tadpoles, enjoying the sun and some nights keeping us awake. We often see them floating with legs spread out and most likely sleeping. After a long winters nap they are willing to let the sun warm their backs waiting for the waters to do the same.

We make sure we take the time and listen to their frog symphony. For time is short and singing ends in about two or three weeks. It is important to appreciate God's creations big and small.


  1. We call them "peepers"..I love hearing them in the spring.
    I love your header, did you change it?

  2. I totally agree, although Im not fussed on frogs in general, they are amazing little critters, except maybe the cane toads we get in the Northern Parts of Australia. Some of them can grow to the size of a dinner plate, and they are so ugly. LOL!

  3. It's a great froggy tale Carol.

  4. Here a frog, there a frog, everywhere I turn I see a frog :)

    I was just in a remote town in Punjab and came across the Frog Symphony myself so know how you feel .. some of these guys are really good !!

  5. Nothing better than living in the country. Reminds me of a favorite movie of ours called Summer Magic, where there is a scene when the family is gathered on the front porch and the mother says "I feel sorry for city folk tonight"

  6. Hi Carol,
    I love listening to the birds and the frogs in my back yard, too. Who knew that little tiny frogs could make so much noise?

  7. Hello Carol,
    That is a beautiful experience isn't it, worth listening to. I recently came back from holiday in Portugal and was in this place called 'Azenhas do Mar' which is a little town integrated into a cliff side by the sea. (Wild sea) They have made best use of their old river and regenerated this into a flow of waterfalls streaming down a wilderness heaven with lots of plants and shrubs. Guess what we found when we got there? Toads, and plenty of them singing and a huge stream of tadpoles. Was enjoyable to be in their presence, and just go along with the river to spot them. We also managed to see water snakes which was a delight. I love animals.