Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Taken Stock in My Life

April 2nd is my birthday and every year I think back to the year before, not long because I can't change it but just to see how I did with that years changes. Not the nations but mine, my personal decision to be a better person. This is my first year writing it down, maybe good, could really be bad. A few years ago, my Mother died, her journey was also mine. I found that at the end material goods are irrelevant, it is either God and me, or just me. I prefer to think it as God and me.

Last year it was tolerance, sometimes I really wanted to deck someone that hurt my feeling but than thought it over, you know that count to ten backwards stress relieving process. But I think just the thought of decking someone might have not been any better. Oh well, but as a human I find the challenge a continuing hill to climb.

So today I took out my moral compass and sat down to do a little soul searching. In a moment of pure silence it came to me. I have pulled out this soap box so often that people knew it was coming and ran. I love this word...RESPECT.

I realize respect covers all things. Think Green, respect for our planet that God gave us, respect family and friends and they will be kinder to you, and respect what I have, not to replace because I am tired of it but because it is truly wore out.

Come back next year to see how I did. You may say this is a high standard to set my goal at, but as I see it, if I try and fail, at least I tried but if I succeed, wow, I will than influence others to try the same.

Happy Birthday to ME.


  1. Thank you for your heartfelt goal in your piece. It is beautiful and it touched me today.
    Being willing to try, and risk failing, is BIG. Welcome to the new year ahead and a new respect for all life and things GREEN.

  2. Happy Birthday (early!).
    I love the goal of RESPECT.
    It pretty much fits all the other goals...respect for others, respect for ourselves....
    it fits all situations.

  3. Happy Early Birthday! :)

    May you have a long, healthy, successful and love-filled life. :)

  4. I wish you a happy birthday! I see you as a God fearing person. May God bless you always :)

  5. Thanks you guys, I am truly a faithful person. I love the fact that I have come to the belief that there is something worth working for. Not on earth but for heaven. Hence I will be a kinder more generous person.

  6. Happy birthday! To your future!

  7. Carol,

    Have a wonderful birthday. Celebrate the moment, there aren't many dedicated to just you, probably. You've done the best that you can. God understands.

  8. Well, happy birthday! It is also my husband's 40th tomorrow. Fancy that!

  9. Happy Birthday To you.

    May GOD blessed you always.

  10. Happy Birthday Carol. May God bless you and your sweet family.

    Here's to a great day,
    God Bless,

  12. Thanks all you guys. Look out 2009 will definitely will be a challenge.

  13. Happy belated birthday Carol. God bless and take care
    Hugs Tanya

  14. Hi Carol, stumbled on your blog and enjoy reading your posts. Your thoughts on respect are exactly my same feelings. I wrote an article and posted it on my blog if you are curious to read it. I call it "One Word Motto"
    Also have commented with you on the WOZone.
    Best wishes,