Friday, March 20, 2009

Don't Egg Me On

One thing I enjoy about Easter is the colors. After a long winter of lots of white and grays color becomes the thing to add to your life. Maybe pink, purple, light blue and of course bright yellow. So starting to design my Easter cards is a delight. I love the colors and the textures of paper, and artwork is so abundant. Jelly bean, colored eggs, candy peeps, oh don't get me started on peeps.

Lets just talk cards. This year I started my collection with a light hearted card to kick of my creative juices into gear. The outside reads, this is easy, Happy Easter but the inside is as always my favorite so far, well it is my first for the year so that makes it my favorite. The inside reads, may your Easter happiness outlast your jelly beans. Ha, that easy in my life, because I breath in jelly beans.

The whole secret to a saying in a greeting card is feeling it. Putting your heart and drawing from your soul. That's why it is hard to pick favorites when ask about my cards. Every card I design is a part of me. It makes me smile in hopes to make others smile. But I cannot rest, I have more to do and more smiles to create. I hope you enjoyed a brief visit into my design world.


  1. They look lovely. I agree with you on the pastel colors making the passage into spring!!

  2. That's it right there. Recently what I have enjoyed is helping a group of ladies who are over 50's and some in their 60's who don't speak a word of English with card making. To see their faces light up as they put creation in paper, is definetly seeing their souls alive with kindness in expression. :) (Tis Ana, from Expressive World-just so you know)

  3. Good design Carol. Tips worth a note - "Putting your heart and drawing from your soul".
    I would also like to request you to feature some of your cards in our social shopping project:
    I believe our readers will love them as well.

  4. Eye candy design Carol, great work