Saturday, March 14, 2009

Winter Wonder Land

I often wonder why I can complain one day and love the next. Today the temps are in the high thirties. So I zipped up my coat, grabbed a cup of coffee and enjoyed the rocker on the front porch. The sun was shining so bright I had to close my eyes. And I pondered the garden with sprigs of green growth pushing their way through the ground.

No it was not going to happen this afternoon or even in a week but it would happen as it does every year. The ground would get warm, and God would bless us with life. I am always in ah of Him. What would life be like not believing? I really don't care what others say, I just think life is so much more valuable with that belief.

So, here I sit, with the sun melting my fears and pains. Dreaming of the coming season. Remembering how in September I would stand on the porch and proclaim without shame, "die plants die". Boy does that sound cruel. But that is what is nice about Minnesota. You move from hot summer days, lots of work in the garden, to fall where you enjoy the outdoors without having to tend to grass and weeds. Winter, sweat pants, shirts and light jackets are the call. You enjoy a blanket and a book by the fireplace. Then spring, wow, God goes to work again and your life becomes full of color and wonder. So, in closing, from my thoughts from the garden, life in Minnesota is once again in balance. Until the next storm. Smile.

God Bless all who wonder into my blog.


  1. yes, I love the changing seasons in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan too...but winter is SOOOOO long that I get the same frustrations as you. We get below zero weather and then, like today..we get almost 50 degrees and sun!
    I think I will join the snowbirds that go south for at least a month every year during winter to stay sane. We went on a 3 week trip in Feb. and it wasn't long enough. ha
    I LOVE the spring break up tho, when all the snow melts. We live on a lake so I wait every year for the ice on the lake to break up and go away. And then, when the snow melts I am like you and can't wait to get my hands in the dirt of my garden again!!

  2. Hi carol,

    How should I comment for the beautiful painting of the snow covered garden and the God's blessing showered on them as warmness, that beholds the ground. I am far far away from you in land of greenery and sun throughout the year, with snow being an atmost alien in my life, My eyes relish the whiteness of snow through your words. Thanks and keep going. You are extremely good and touching with the words.

  3. You guys are great for reading and giving me the chance to ramble on. I love my life and the journeys. God has blessed me beyond words.

  4. A blog full of warmth. Once I watched a prayer of MAHALIA JACKSON - we need to be thankful to God for what he has kindly offered. And this post reminds me of that. Days are, as usual, not going great. Yet this entry pushes us through to get into action.
    Here's the video link, which you may want to watch, if not done so already.