Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I Have Learned in Bloggerville

What I learned is simple.

1) There are people that think you are interesting and you don't have to buy them coffee.

2) People who write blogs are interesting and addicting I rush to read their new entries.

3) They add to your writing by giving you their thoughts on your subject.

4) They are simply interesting because they share their thoughts with you and give you, in return something to think about.

Thanks to all of my followers and all who care to visit for a while.

God Bless you and yours


  1. Bloggy world has been nothing but sweet and inviting and fun I must say! Here here! :)

  2. I am really loving Blogging, it is so much fun to find fun and exciting people.I agree with you!
    I dont knwo about you, but I want some nice warm MN weather back!

  3. Same here, I am sooooooooooo addicted to bloggin :)

  4. Great post Carol - have done an ode to you in my latest post :)

    Glad to find you as my friendly Bloggerville Neighbour :)

  5. Hi Carol,
    The term Bloggerville is getting famous. I have blogged about it and Now another one of our Bloggervile neighbor has also blogging about it. Great Contribution Carol. Thanks !!!!

  6. Get yourself an RSS feed... then we can read your updates without searching for you... you could do the same for me... every little helps to build subscriptions.

  7. Thanks Tony, I am learning as I go. I did install RSS feed. let me know if it is working and I will have to read more about it. Thanks everyone for the help in becoming stronger in the Bloggerville.

  8. Thanks to all who liked my Bloggerville with belongs to all of us now. I love belonging to this community.