Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do I Smell Peeps?

Oh yes, they do smell wonderful especially when you are four weeks into lent. If you are Catholic you know what that means to give up candy. If you're not Catholic then lent maybe confusing. Short form explanation is as follows. Jesus spent 40 days in the desert with the devil and no food. Yiks, and I am complaining about no candy...oh well, we like to honor Jesus by giving up something we love for those forty days.

This has been going on a long time, even older than me. When I was young I tried to give up things like, making my bed, helping in the kitchen. Mom told me more than once it had to be something that meant a lot to me. I tried everything, giving up soft drinks, that was easy, even not talking a lot, that is truly a force of nature it didn't take me long to fail at that. So back to candy I went. Forty days without candy it may sound easy but it's not.

The hardest part is in the grocery store. At the end of the isle that's where the candy for any holiday is displayed. I find myself running my hand over the bright colors of the Peeps, yellow and pink. I think to myself, Carol step away from the Peeps. As my hands slide off the Peeps and my fingers ease off the pressure that usually take the product and places it in my cart I feel great. I do have to take one more trip past those sugar wonders. Once again I have made it to the cashier, pay my bill and head out of the door. I however, look back and wink, I will be back for the Peeps after Easter.

For today, Jesus would be proud of me but alas will I make it tomorrow, for it is another day and another trip to the grocery store.


  1. I love PEEPS too and my second favorite is chocolate covered marshmallow eggs....you are very brave to give up these yummy things!

  2. I love dessert way too much to try to give it up ... Alcohol - no problem (it'll assist with the gym training) but chocolate / candy .. need a piece a day LOL

    Glad you're surviving Lent - only 2 more weeks to go and you can have all the Peeps that you want :)

  3. Robin's eggs. Those are my downfall.

    I remember growing up having salmon every friday night. My mother finally figured out that me and my brother's weekly "illness" was directly related to salmon patties. We had cheese pizza or pasta thereafter.

  4. You forgot the biggest bonus, sweetie ~ the peeps will be On Sale after Easter... God gives you something for your Lent accomplishment... kinda nice of Him (or Her), isn't it?

  5. Great hearing from you guys, I am so excited for Easter and excited lent will be over. However, I always feel a little smug if I make it.

  6. God bless you! May you be able to fulfill your sacrifice :)

  7. Hi Carol
    I hope you can overcome the peeps. I could not give up sweets. Just think after Easter, you will be able to get them on sale!
    God Bless

  8. During Lent our family doesn't eat meat every Wednesdays and Sundays...i haven't given up much for this year's lent but surely something big happened this year...^_^

    thank you for the comment on my entry...

    God bless you Carol!


    Light it Up

  9. Isn't it wonderful how He values our smallest sacrifices and honors them as if they were equal to His?!
    Wonderful and amazing His grace!