Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Enough Already...

This was not funny, you say to yourself, what is she talking about, it is Minnesota and winter to boot. I know you are right but this is never easy when you live in denial. Yesterday they talked about a snowstorm. So, I decided that they were most likely wrong and it would go either north or south of us.

But started to snow, and yet here I was still denying it. Let me tell you, it not only snowed, it snow stormed and the temps dropped. Got up to five below, and at least 10 inches of snow. Here is a picture of our steps going up to our deck, they are right outside my drawing room and I don't like the looks.

The weather will stay the same for two days, they say warm weather is coming. Yah sure doesn't look like it. My mind doesn't think think this way, snow up to your nose and melting tomorrow. Fine, I will put a blog up when 10 more inches of snow melt. I just want sun, tulips, and buds on the trees. The spring shell come. Ok, this is enough bad news for the day. I am so cranky today.

God Bless to my readers.


  1. Good on you Carol, you be cranky if you want too. The snow does look beautiful though

  2. Grrr, I live in Bemidji and I was shoveling for an hour just to get the car out of the driveway this morning! LOL, I'm not too happy about it either.

  3. It's pretty to look at, but I wouldn't wanta live in it !