Saturday, March 28, 2009

Timber Has a Sleep Over...

needless to say it wasn't her idea. Eli belongs to my husbands daughter. We usually tell her that Eli is coming. Timbers view of the red head is, she really doesn't have one. He is a puppy, she's the senior and she rules. Her belief is that one beautiful, talented bird dog is enough for her humans.

She finds her work load doubled because she has to be more attentive. This is surely going to take away from here hunting duties. Even though she doesn't chase the critters as much as she used to she must keep them aware of her superiority.

This morning after the second night of Eli's visit she took a walk around the room to view the damages. Yes, there it was again. Her favorite toy with holes in it. It doesn't matter that she had destroyed the squeaker, it was that Eli tore more holes in it. This yellow plastic toy was now trash. She glanced at it and walked around the room checking each toy. The last stop was here red bed were he'd been last. No longer would she call it home. Not until it was washed.

Then it happened, the redhead and her humans headed for the door, it was a new day and she had secured the one thing that was everything to her. Her little piece of earth and the two humans she was in charge of. It was not only a great achievement but now a nap was in order.
Once again she had saved us. Sigh.


  1. That dog is so cute!!
    Funny post about ownership and territory.
    We humans are the same way, no???

    Our cats used to sniff us when we came back from visiting other friends with pets, and give us "the look" know the "So, I see you cheated on us AGAIN. What tramp(s) did you spend time with THIS time???".
    Pets are such fun!!

  2. Oh that is one gorgeous pup!!!! My youngest is just dying to get a pup! love this post....have a blessed day

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  4. Hi Friend. Your blog is marvelous!! I loved this post....sounds like my dog. He absolutely owns the place. My son tickles me with his dog named Pete. He says, "Wag your tail if you're stupid" and poor, sweet, little Pete wags his tail like crazy! Oh, his name is Simon Peter and they call him Pete.

  5. ow I must be slow this morning. It took me three times reading the post to realize we are talking about 2 dogs not a dog and a person. lol Yeah I feel kind of uh... slow? lol

    Gotta love the dominance factor in dogs. Great post and cute dog!

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  6. Awwww !!! Reminds me of my dogs whenever we'd have other friends over with pets ... They have such human-like personalities especially when another 'pet' comes into their territory !

  7. I love reading everyones comments. I have had so much fun looking at your sites. Life is full of fun and new things to do.

  8. Your dog sounds like she has a wonderful personality! What a cute dog! My husband and I have always wanted a dog, but haven't gotten one yet. We do have a 4 year old spoiled goldfish who thinks he is the center of our world. He likes to spit rocks:)
    God Bless

  9. What a beautiful little dog!