Friday, March 13, 2009

What about those First Born Sons

I am the baby of eight, you wonder what I know about the first born....really not much. But I have lots of first born nephews and I know their plight. Being the baby in the family means everything comes to easily, mostly because the parents are wore out and have seen everything, so nothing is a surprise. Babies do carry their own challenges, maybe a story for the future.

Back to my brother and others who are the first born male. I am sure that the first born is surprised they are sane. This child is the one that will set the stage for all that follow, that's what parents think, but we all know that as years go by parents change views and procedures. Often what they did was kind a crazy and maybe confusing. This child lived through it and so did the parents. Now the parents looks at the child and says, what a great kid, even with everything we did to him.

I designed a card that give the first born a little notification that the parents know how hard it was. Now some of those children have children themselves and will understand the card and the thought even more. I hope you like it.


  1. Very cute idea for a first born card!!
    Yes, as parents the first born suffers with all of the things parents vow have to be perfect. After that, they lose their willpower and gain some wisdom and realizew how OCD they were with their first born and loosen up quite a bit.
    That is why I always feel sorry for only children. And if you look close, "only children" are a bit perfectionist and OCD themselves. And a tad bit spoiled.
    Maybe that can be your next card? One for "only" children....hahaaaa

  2. Beautiful!

    You are the youngest of 8? Wow, I'm going nuts with 2, I can't imagine having 8.

    Your mom must be a saint. :)

  3. Amazing !! I'm the eldest of 3 - and I know what 'torture' I went through growing up ... I had to be the 'role model' child that the siblings could look up to ! LOL worked in my favour - didn't go down so well with the other two when their school results didn't come out as good as mine !

    Love the card design !! And agree with The Retired One .. a card for the only child :) and for twins too ..

  4. Thanks you guys, I think I will design some for only, middle and maybe twins. What fun.