Friday, March 6, 2009

Horse to the Barn

That's what we were like coming back from South Carolina, for those who don't know what it means, this is a short explanation. When riding a horse and the horse knows when it's heading back to the barn, it's at that point he darts to the barn and there is no stopping it.

John and I are like the horse, once we decide to head home we see nothing but shortest way and all eyes are on the road. What were we thinking...telling a family member we would meet them as they traveled south for five weeks. We had to go out of our way to spend a night with them.

I have to say it was wonderful to see them, funny thing was they were in a hurry to get to warmer weather and we were in a hurry to get home. Leaving both couples not willing to sit back and drink coffee and talk for hours. But once and a while we all do things special for special people I hope they felt the same.

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  1. Very nice post...and I just love the look of your horse...Keep writing, it suits you.