Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The World According to Timber

One of the family I have not introduced, other than by name is our English Setter named Timber. She came to us over 10 years ago with the main objective to train us in. It didn't take long for her to achieve her goal. She never goes on furniture, only barks when it fits her needs and basically does everything right. Yes I said right.

I know it seems impossible for a dog to second guess her humans. But Timber does that on a regular basis. In the winter she will consider a cuddle with me, but when spring comes she has little time for us. Often when she is laying on the rug and John and I call to her she looks annoyed. I think she is saying to herself....it sure takes a lot of work to keep these two happy.

But one thing we know is that she loves us. Otherwise she would get tired of the hugs, and all the attention we demand. Her agility is slipping and she gets off the floor a little slower, she sleeps harder these days not unlike here humans.

Her favorite thing in the world is a riding. She would rather be in her vehicle than anywhere else. I know if you could ask her what she loves. We would come in second after a good road trip. It is good to come home to a wag of the tail, and a smile, yes a smile. She has unconditional love even when she feels she has better things to do.


  1. I love dogs..and yours sounds wonderful. We had a special Irish Setter named "Titian" (after a famous painter that used lots of reds in his paintings). It was so hard to see her age, and then to finally lose her. But she loved big hugs and rides too. She was like a best friend.
    To this day, we still cannot get another dog. I could never find one good enough to replace her.

  2. Oh my gosh, I know just what you are saying. My husband and I are saying the same thing. I cry just thinking of losing her. But know the truth of it all, so I enjoy her everyday.

  3. I had my Tommy, my brown Labrador, exactly an year back. When he died, all will wonder why I cant stop the tears escaping my eyes. I love him still and will always..

  4. Your dog is so beautiful! What a great pet!
    You have an Award at my site, The Kreative Blogger Award, CONGRATS

  5. It is welcoming to see the world from another's eyes, regardless of who they are, whether animal or human, as I find that's the real art of giving, by acknowledging who they are in this world.

  6. I have the best blog friends. I am inspired by what you write also. Tears for pet and loved ones are real. They warm our hearts and they steal our hearts. I wouldn't want to live without the love even with the pain. God Bless you and your loved.

  7. God bless you too, and your loved ones too Carol. :)