Saturday, May 16, 2009

Zen and the Zog

As most of you know by previous posts that Timber is our English Setter that seems to rule our lives. But she is also my friend and often teaches me thing I should know as a human.

The other day as I was designing my new father's day card collection and loving every minute, keeping my eyes on my drawing board and neglecting the wash, I took a break. My break is usually a trip to the coffee pot only four feet from my office.

With just a glance out the door I noticed Timber lying on the deck and enjoying the view. Than I took a minute and looked at the view. Here she was taking a break from her job, which means she needs to make the squirrels and birds earning their keep.

I realized how little I enjoy the view. So, with a smile on my face I grabbed that cup of coffee, opened a lawn chair and relaxed with her. She didn't run or seem to be unnerved as she usually does when she is doing her job. We both just relaxed I finished my coffee and she took in the view. Once again she taught me, and I love her more for it.

God Bless those who follow or just visit.


  1. Timber sounds cute! :)

    And Carol, I like the way you can introspect and draw meanings from things that would ordinarily pass most of us by, without us even realising it.

  2. Well, looking the world in your Dog's perspective?!..
    Sounds cool to me!!

  3. Wow, it is a great view too! And Timber has the right idea. I often don't stop and just look at the world, either. Now that I took up photography, it has really made me look at things very differently. Especially the close up things and texture of things too.
    Thank goodness our animals are there to remind us to embrace the life around us!

  4. You are a great teacher Timber, im so glad you are my buddy
    Yap Mickey

  5. What a view! Great you can enjoy it with such a wonderful dog.

  6. beauuutiful!

    i love this...
    the animal reminder and
    the human taking note.

    and your place is just lovely!