Friday, May 22, 2009

What is Balsam Ponds Anyway?

So often someone asks what is Balsam Ponds look like, is it just the porch? No it is everything that houses my husband and my heart. But I figure I should show you what it looks like when I drive in and know I am home. Please be safe the holiday and remember those who have died for us and the ones that would have. This makes Balsam Ponds even more special.


  1. I was definitely guided to your blog.
    My face lit up when I saw MY ELDEST DOG on your porch. Meg is now 12 years old and has a few health issues but loves setting small animals and birds. We have an American Cocker too (6yrs old)
    Needless to say I am following you and can send you a photo of Meg any time.
    Yours in Christ.

  2. WOW !!! you have a gorgeous home !!! I would love to come home to this visual treat :)

  3. Hi, Carol! What a lovely home! Looks like being on vacation...
    Hope all is well!
    -Mary Ann